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March 3, 2013, 7:44 pmAlchemy


Heavenletter #425 Published on: December 22, 2001

What a metaphor money is! It seems to capture the sum total of relative life. So meaningless at the same time as it seems vital. How valuable the valueless coins and bills are! They are counted as valuable because mass mind says they are. Because their value is mutually agreed upon, you scramble for them. You count and recount them. You grab them to you with relish, and you feel a power in spending them. And yet you know there is more to life than this metal and paper and your scrambling.

And yet Human life is constructed in such a way that, of course, you do not want to be without them, these pieces of metal and slips of paper.

And so you have a conflict. You amass that which you wish to spend, and a practice becomes a need, and you get swept up in the amassing and spending of this metaphor of your life.

Something that will help you is to remember the energy of life that is not material. The energy of life is the source of the material paper and metal. By dint of your hard work or luck you may gain money, but your hard work or luck is not the Source of it.

No man gives it to you either. His hand may pass it to you, but he did not create the energy that accompanies the transaction.

If all wealth comes from Me, then how come money is not intrinsically worth more? You have the impression that it is basic to life, and yet that, at the same time, you shouldn't adore it so much. You certainly should not worship it.

This thing about money is a sly thing. It is a contradiction. Have it or you will be a pauper without, the world says, and then winks and pretends money is nothing at all. It is like the world offers you candy and withholds its sweetness at the same time.

Consider money a carpenter's tool. Consider it a hammer or saw or nail that serves a purpose. It creates something. It joins disparate parts. It is useful beyond itself. What does the carpenter's tool create? What does he make with it? What does he use it for, and to what end?

Be not so automatic in regard to money. Do not buy world thought. Certainly money has its face value. Find deeper value. Like love, money is not to be hoarded. It is to be circulated. The movement of the money is its energy, not the demonstration of money itself. As with love, it is not to be used to control or to be withheld, and it is not to be saved up for yourself or spent only on yourself.

It often is that those who have the least hold it the most dear.

You must come to peace about money. When you truly recognize that I am the Source of it, your feelings about it will change. Money is not the security. I am. Money is not the gold. I am. Money may glitter, but it is not the gold. Gold is not even the gold. I am.

All you gain and all you give is back and forth expression of Me. If the money is a gift from Me, then it has a higher purpose than exchange from hand to hand or drawer to drawer. Let your use of money reveal the energy of love. Do not count the money so much. Count the love you give with it. Let your use of it be a holy thing. Give something of Me when you transfer this medium of exchange called money.

Remember that I am plentiful. There is more than enough of Me for everyone. Make sure that love goes with the motions of money you pass. That is alchemy. Lift money above the dross of the world and turn it into the gold of My love.

Entry #400
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October 15, 2012, 11:51 pmYour Purpose for Being on Earth

Your Purpose for Being on Earth

Heavenletter #978 Published on: June 26, 2003

Perhaps your choice is silence or ego.

Perhaps your choice is ego or God.

You must well know by now that ego does not bring you happiness of any account. Ego is a pain. It is an inflammation. Losing ego also causes you pain. As you free yourself from it, it sticks you with pins, telling you that you can't get along without it, like a too tight shoe that hurts your foot more when you take it off .

Ego wounds you, and the wound festers. Ego is ambivalent. It's nice to you one moment and then it slaps you the next. Ego helps you to forget grandness and teaches you to accept smallness. It tries to make you think that everything it is concerned with is important. Ego makes a lot of noise so you won't hear My love for you, and so you take the little spatterings that ego offers.

Ego pursues you. It is a patient suitor. Yet, all the while it is courting you, it eats off you. It makes you think it is polishing your shine when all the while it is abrading it. Ego is a smooth-talker. It gives with one hand and takes away with the other. It praises and it humiliates.

No one extols egotism. No one considers it worthwhile. You sneer at other people's show of ego, yet you smoothly encourage your own. As ego saps your vitality, it makes you think it is vital. With all its might, ego keeps you in its thrall. How can something so unworthwhile fool you so?

Ego is self-serving and performance-oriented.

Ego dances in many areas of life.

Ego ensures that you have a place to fall from. It knocks you down and tries to make you think it is your rescuer.

Enough of ego. Let's talk of Me. Let's talk of you.

Ego has nothing to do with Us. Ego is not in the equation. Ego doesn't exist. Ego is flash, and ego is false. And you are a seeker of Truth.

Would that you would give Me the attention that ego greedily slurps.

When you are ego-oriented, you are thinking of appearances. That is what it comes down to. The outer is appearance, as if appearance were Truth.

All the world glory is only an appearance. You are so much more than pomp and circumstance. No praise in the world can equal you. Nor does praise in the world serve you. When you've caught the brass ring, what do you have? What was that moment of glory? What its meaning? What its attraction? What did you think came along with it? Did you think it brought more indication of Me?

And yet, at the same, you have to make your way in the world.

The world may abandon you, but you cannot abandon it.

Behold the world and bless it.

You are on earth for more than what the world can give to you and for more than what it can seemingly take away from you.

You are on earth for Me.

You are relaying Me to the world.

You are carrying Me around.

No jewel on earth equals Me. Nor is there any jewel that equals you.

There is no treasure that can be added to you.

The abundance I give you is Myself.

Let go of your dependency on the world.

Chase it less. Give it more.

Entry #399
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October 15, 2012, 11:46 pmLove Yourself More

Love Yourself More

Heavenletter #237 Published on: June 23, 2001

You have judged yourself the most harshly of all.

Even when you extol yourself, you extol yourself because you think you have to make up for something. You feel you need to accrue worth to you because you have judged yourself not worth much.

Judge yourself anew.

Lift your shoulders high. Remember Whose creation you are.

You are light and you have seen yourself as manure. You can see the manure if you choose, but you can also see light. And know that even manure is worthwhile, for it fertilizes the soil that grows roses. Nothing is wasted in My universe. And still all is light. If it were not for your judgments, you would know that.

Every time you compare, you are judging. Every time you dismiss someone or something as not worthy of you, you are judging. You consider yourself unworthy, and you consider some as more worthy than you and some less worthy. It is hard for you to see equal.

That is judgment — looking for differences. It is better to see light than differences.

Differences exist, but only on the surface. No two noses are alike, but hearts are. Souls are. That yearning part of you equals all others' yearnings. Your yearning is My call to you.

Your judgment is a cover-up of your tenderness. Somewhere you see a mask of yourself in this other, and you don't want that to be true. So you separate yourself from the other. You classify him. He has some quality that you fear in yourself, and you want to put that quality as far away from you as you can.

You may judge power as unworthy as well as helplessness. Both qualities you fear. When you disdain the helpless, you disdain your own helplessness. When you disdain the powerful, you fear your own power. When you disdain judgers of men, you disdain your own judgment. When you judge the cruel, you fear your own cruelty.

You do not have to embrace others' errors, but do not discard the people who make the errors.

I discard no one. I will never discard you. No matter how judgmental you may be, I do not judge you, nor do I discard you. How could I discard an impulse of My heart?

But that is what you do. You do it all the time. You throw out your heart's impulse by your focus on the outer.

How silly a thing is judgment, yet courts are made of them. The judge even sits on a throne. And the lowly are seated lower. But no throne reaches higher to Me. Sometimes kneelers reach higher to Me because they dig deep.

Humility is knowing your worth and the worth of another. Humility is not groveling. It is not debasing. It is not making yourself less than another and another more than you. Humility is not a cloak of shame. Humility is baring your heart and knowing the equality of all.

Do not submerge another. And do not submerge yourself. You are not better than another because you see yourself less worthy or more worthy than another.

There is no other. There is only you. You and I across the universe. Fault comes and goes, but We remain.

You do love your brother as yourself. The thing is that you do not love yourself much. You often are not hospitable or friendly to yourself. How you look at others is how you look at yourself. The faultfinder is his own faultiness located in another.

Whatever has been, now, today, you can be like a sun who warms the earth. You can make friends. You can make friendliness rather than judgment. Leave judgment behind, and you will be friend to yourself and all the selves who come to you.

Do not exclude yourself or another from the love in your heart. Include yourself and all others in the universe. Bless all alike, for all are Mine. Let them be yours as well.

Entry #398
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October 9, 2012, 9:18 pmHear the Applause

Hear the Applause

Heavenletter #771 Published on: December 1, 2002

Error is a concept that could well be done away with.

How simple life would be without that concept!

How much of your life is spent bemoaning an action or inaction of yours or someone else's? Life is not meant to be accumulated nor sized up. Life is a hall you pass through. You are not meant to keep its contents.

If life is a passage, you cannot keep it extant. Only this moment can be extant. Unburden yourself of the past you bear. Leave it. Step out of it.

The passage of time is illusory, and yet you keep tabs on the past. Sometimes it seems that the past, even the recent past, is of more interest to you than the moment right now. The peach you ate last year becomes an idol of life or a bane. Yet, all the while, an untasted fruit lies before you, succulent on the tree of life. Whatever the detours, this is the moment you have been climbing to. It is just ready for you to pick. One way or another, you cannot go back down this tree. I bid you forward and to go lightly. Leave the remnants of the past.

Sense of dread keeps you in dread. You dread what could befall. And so you fear to venture forth. Much of the time you dread what has occurred, and you hold on to it. That which was uncomfortable you keep, as if you must, as if you are to carry all past belongings along with you so you will be — what? — safe? wiser? uncriticized? uncriticizable? Do you carry past wounds so you will think you cannot be hurt again? Whatever you have been carrying, now is the time to let go of it. The past is but a shadow of you. You are the real thing. Empty your pockets of the past.

All the keys of the past do not fit the present. Stop carrying them.

Carry yourself, and carry Me.

The solutions of the past do not solve the present. Here is where your thinking is to change: There is nothing in the present that has to be solved. It has to be lived. You cannot undo the present any more than the past. How do you know that this moment was supposed to be otherwise than it is? How do you know what is to transpire and what is to not?

I am not talking about fate. I am talking about you. I am talking about you who may fear that you need to fend off life, when, all the while, all the seeming while, you are to embrace it.

As in life, when you run to meet someone with a smile and you greet first, you have set a tone for the other's manner of greeting you.

Be so with life. Run up to it. Do not hold back. You cannot hold it back anyway. Meet it, and meet it with aplomb.

Do not consider, even for one moment, that you are going to make mistakes. Consider instead, for even one moment, what wonders you will perform. Consider that you are exactly the right one to play the right note at this branch of life. You are the star of it, and you are going on stage, and you are welcomed, and you are applauded.

For sure, you can know I applaud you. I applaud you for being in life. I applaud you for honoring it and embracing it. You can be sure now that it is your turn to enter it, just as it is, just as you are. The curtain is raised, and now you enter. Hear the applause.

Entry #397
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October 8, 2012, 6:57 pmAllow and Be Innocent

Allow and Be Innocent

Heavenletter #40 Published on: December 17, 2000

You think you have to understand everything when you hardly know anything.

Understanding isn't what you need.

Allowing Me and My love and wisdom is what you need.

Take yourself off the hook.

Put down your swords.

You have a Protector and a Guide and a Lover and a Sage. You have a Joy-Giver.

Look at My beloved animals. Emulate them.

They follow you happily.

Your dog jumps into the car.

He doesn't say, "Where are we going? How do I know I want to go? Where are you taking me and why? What is the purpose of all this? Please explain it to me. I have to know what's going on. I have to decide."

No, your companion jumps into the car and merrily drives off with you. It doesn't matter to him where you are going. It matters to him to be with you. That is what matters to him. Your presence. Your presence in his life, and his in yours. Your lives intermingle. And the beloved friend who accompanies you looks to you with love in his eyes and sureness in his step, for he is following the one he loves. The one he loves above all. All he wants is to go with you. He knows he is going somewhere with you. That is enough for him.

We know that you do not always know what you are about, and that is where the analogy between Me and you, and you and your companion breaks down.

In your case, even though you are imperfect in your life, your beloved dog follows you. He knows you make mistakes, and still it is worth it to him to be with you. He doesn't care about your mistakes. He cares about you. In some ways, your dear pet is more like Me than you are like Me.

Dear Children, I do not make mistakes, and you hesitate to go with Me. Of course, you do not GO with Me, for you ARE with Me. Your choice is only in your awareness. But what an awareness that is! What a difference that awareness makes!

Do you really want to travel alone? Your illusion is that you can and will and that you prefer it that way. You not only want to master your life, you want to direct Me. It is much more productive to follow Me than to direct Me. Even though I follow you, you cannot direct Me, for misdirection is not of God.

It is easy for you to say what you would do and not do if you were God. But if you were God, you would see more than you see. You would see what I see, and you would love as I love.

My job is easy. It is no job at all. All I have to do is be. In My Being, I lovingly watch you and your antics, and the outcome is assured. One outcome: your passage to Me. Your return to Me in your awareness. Your notice of the well-being of Our Union. That is where We are going.

Entry #396
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October 7, 2012, 10:25 amLife on Earth in New Light

Life on Earth in New Light

Heavenletter #903 Published on: April 11, 2003

There is only one thing to immerse yourself in. What could that be? What on earth else could it be but Me — Us?

Into everything else, dip lightly. Do not immerse yourself so deeply that you stay in mood, habit, or thought.

If you can concede that life — your life — is for enjoyment, would you not then operate differently on this planet called earth? If you were here singularly for joy, what would your walk be like? The expression on your face? The thoughts in your mind? Your exchange with others? Would that one bit of awareness not take away wrinkles from your face and a load off your back?

Have you perhaps thought you were on earth for stress and strain, disappointment, even heartbreak? Well, what expression have you worn on your face? What has your motto in life been? Has it been: "I am here on earth for the joy of it?" Well, why not?

Make this your motto now: "I am on earth for joy. To give and receive it. I am here on earth for nothing but joy. Anything else I may think I am here for can only be a rumor, a refrain heard mistakenly, something misread on the contract I signed when I entered this plane. Whatever anyone else may think, whatever the entire world may think, I know what I am here for, and it is joy."

Today, as you express what you are on earth for, express it without words. Words are too easy. They try to convince. You are not trying to convince yourself or anyone of the truth of why you are stationed here. Simply emblazon this motto I give you in your heart.

No need to express the joy of you in pictures either. Don't have a snapshot of you with the title Joy under it. Do not think you must become a laugh a minute.

I shall tell you what you will become. You will become an appreciator. That's all. But that is enough, and that is what has been very hard for you, day in and day out, to be an appreciator. Beyond dispute, this is what you must be.

But now it is easy because I have just pressed a signet of appreciation deep in your heart.

Today you are one who appreciates getting up, staying in, stepping out. You appreciate the sun that shines and the rain that falls. You appreciate the hot and the cold. You appreciate the dry and the wet. You appreciate whatever your foot falls on. You appreciate whatever your eye alights on.

In your silent appreciation, you will convey more joy than you ever conceived of. You will find that you are splashing joy like holy water. You will find that you are ringing a carillon of joy. And you will find that you are tripping over joy right and left. Joy will rise from you. Both your heart and mind will confirm joy because you are one who looks through eyes of appreciation.

Life has often been disguised. Within every morsel of life, whatever it may appear like, lies a treasure. How many undiscovered (unappreciated) diamonds have been tossed away during a lifetime, and how many shiny coppers have been kept?

Today, wherever you walk, the sun comes out because you will have brought it. By your notice of other hearts, you will ignite them, you, the flint that helps others to see themselves in My light.

You are the one relighting earth so that all may see as it is. My appreciation is of you.

Entry #395
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October 5, 2012, 10:26 pmThe Past Is Not Future

The Past Is Not Future

Heavenletter #260 Published on: July 16, 2001

When you hold on to the past, even objects of the past, you are holding on to a part of yourself that used to be there. You used to adore and use that object, for instance, and now you no longer do. You cannot let go of it because you feel you would be letting go of yourself. And, yes, that is precisely what is happening — you are letting go of a past part of yourself. You are letting go of a memory that is no longer true.

Perhaps the object was your mother's, and it was precious to her, and you have taken on the object and kept it in loyalty and love to your mother, as if you were keeping it for your mother, as if your Human mother is going to come back for it or to check up on you, as if your keeping it makes you a good daughter, or as if your letting it go or breaking it makes you a flagrant one.

The object is no longer dear to your mother, and only an echo of it is still dear to you. The idea is precious. Only the idea.

The past. The past. As though it were present!

The past. The past. As though it were obligation!

The past. The past. As though it were future!

The past. The past. As though it were lifeline!

Your past. Your past. As if it matters now!

Only the now matters. Only the now counts. Only now is before you. Now is your clay to mold.

The past you merely take out or carry with you. What can you really do with it now but let it go?

The object you keep isn't the issue. Your keeping is. To keep it physically or not isn't the issue. Your keeping it intact as though it were a living part of you is the issue. What you keep is what you carry.

You cannot carry your old life and your parents' old life. They have a new one now, and so do you.

Certainly a string connects you to the past and to your past's past. I do not say there is no connection. I do not say that the past has no merit or no demerit. I say the past is the past, and it is not yours to live in any longer. You can drop the strings and no longer be responsible for the past.

The past does not have to bind you.

Your past identity does not have to come with you. Whatever you used to be, you used to be, but you don't have to be it now. If you were timid in the past, you can be brave in the present. If you were demanding in the past, you can be undemanding now. If you were nervous in the past, you can be serene now. These are your choices every day. They can be decided today. You do not need to be hung over in the past. Letting go of the past is letting go of the past. It is starting fresh. It is freedom.

Did you think you were already decided? Did you think your fate was sealed? Did you think it was irrevocable? Did you think you were only a bauble bobbing on the waves of life and somehow kept to the shore, or dragged there?

This moment is yours now. It is your clay. It is your clay whether you use it or not. It is there for you. It is a gift I constantly give you.

Who gives it to you if not I? No one else gives it to you.

This moment of nowness is not for you to keep intact. It is not yours to keep. Nothing is yours to keep. Today is yours to fly with.

You can stay in the garage. You can also open the garage doors. You can fling them open. And you can come out. And there are many directions for you to go in. Many old and many new. Pick a new one. Start out today, the freshness of you. Refresh yourself with the present, for it is before you. Not behind you. Not in back of you. But ahead. Eyes up. Look at Me.

Entry #394
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August 31, 2012, 1:06 amPrayer


Heavenletter #461 Published on: January 25, 2002

Prayer is more than words. It is an exchange of thought. Yours for Mine. Consider prayer as less a plea and more of an offering. I do not mean that when you feel a great need that you should not express it to Me, for of course I want you to. I want you to express all to Me, but not only your needs. I am not merely a 911 Rescuer that you call when you have need.

It is natural and normal for you to come to Me. It is a given. It is no special out-of-the-way event. Talk to Me every day. Include Me in your life. It is not necessary to make Me a special one-day event or to save Me for only something important or important enough.

You are important to Me. Your well-being is important to Me.

Do not save Me up. Do not wait until there is a big occasion you must turn over to Me because you don't know what else to do. Turn yourself over to Me every day.

Start to think of Me as One Whom you tell your happiness to. Look for happy events and thoughts to tell Me about. Please don't save Me for just the drear.

And I do not mean a formal thank-You instead of a plaint either. You don't have to pour out thanks to Me for being God. What else can I be? I am God, and I am your God. I am here for you.

You don't lavish thanks on a bus driver. It is his job to give you a ride.

Do not limit your time with Me. Do not limit your approach to Me. Say what is in your heart.

I do not ask you to mumble words. Mumble them if you like, but that is not a necessity. And that is not to say that mumbling My Name is without value, for there is great value in saying My name. The sounding of My name raises you to a higher vibration. But there is more to it than that.

Although words pass between Us, more than words pass between Us. More than thoughts. In truth, there is only one thing that can pass between Us, whatever its form.

What are We made of, you and I? What We are made of is what can pass between Us. And you know that is love. We exchange love. Love is Our medium. I know no other. And you are learning to love. And I am a good One to start with, don't you think? You are re-learning to love. You are remembering love. Re-start with Me.

You are safe with Me. With Whom can you share if not with Me?

Prayer is sharing yourself with Me. Sharing yourself with Me does not make you a lowly penitent. It makes you a child of God. Prayer simply acknowledges Our relationship, a relationship that already is. You are not asking Me to be your faithful God. I already am. You are not asking Me to hear you. I already do. You are not asking Me to bestow special favor upon you, for I already pour blessings upon you.

When you talk to Me in prayer, when you lend your heart to Mine, you get clearer. In prayer, you are looking to get clearer. That is your true plea to Me. Truly, you are not looking for only gifts.

What you give to Me is yourself, your beautiful self. You extend yourself to Me. Unload your heart, and I will fill it.

I need no token from you for your prayers. But if you wish to pay Me, let your life after prayer betoken Me. Let your heart renewed be token to Me. Let your thoughts be token to Me.

We exchange Truth, you and I. That is what We do.

Entry #393
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August 29, 2012, 12:49 pmThe Flame of Love

The Flame of Love

Heavenletter #726 Published on: October 17, 2002

Your life is not on a schedule, and yet it is not random. You who are a propulsion of My thought propel yourself. You are not a wind-up toy. There are not only certain directions you can go in. You can go in all directions. You are not battery-driven. You run on perpetual energy. You run on love energy. Call it solar if that's more acceptable to you. It is My energy that you run on.

Love is frictionless. What is friction but love obstructed?

Consider that everything is love, and where does that take you? There is love pure and there is love distorted, and that is all there is. And Human life covers love pure and love impeded. Love in the world falls in many places in between. But it is all love, shaped this way or that, but love all the same. Like pasta that has many shapes, and yet remains pasta, love stays love.

The only thing that can be in your heart is love. But a squeeze here and a squeeze there of your heart impinges on the natural love, so it may come out misshapen. The thing to do is to unwind the taut places in your heart and unconstrict the flow of love.

You are already love, so you do not have to talk yourself into it. You do not have to become more loving or bigger-hearted. You already have the full amount. No matter who you are or where you have been and what you have done, you are the full measure of love. All you have to do is remove the constraints to it. Oh, it is like taking off a too-tight shoe.

What a release it is to release your heart from bondage! It takes no effort. You are not to try. All you have to do is let go of self-imposed barriers. One main barrier is the idea that you are not love, or that you cannot find love in your heart. You may concede that it once was there, but you think it flew away in bits and pieces. You may think you gave too much of it away. Uncage your love, and it will stay with you.

You do not have to beckon love to come to you. Love comes unbidden. It is already there. You are full of love. Only you have elbowed some away.

You are a carrier of My love. That is all you are. That is the most you can be, and you are not less. Anything less is self-deception.

I do not call you My love idly. You are My love given to you, and you are My love given back to Me. Any way you slice it, you are My love. You are made of My love, and you are the one I love. There are no two sides to this coin. You are the same My love.

You may think you are a sputtering candle, but you have been mistaken before. You are mistaken about who you are and your capabilities most of the time. You are light supreme, because you are My light. You who were made in My image are My light reflected. You are the mirror, and you are what you see in the mirror, and you are the light surrounding all.

Don't say to yourself that you knew that all along. You may have heard it, but you have not understood nor have you accepted it. Not yet. Not fully. Oh, but when you do, when you do accept the bounty of what I made you, when you do accept the truth of created beings, when you do accept yourself and all that goes with you, oh, then, you will be such a light on earth that you will be dazzled in the flame of love.

Entry #392
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August 28, 2012, 10:57 pmYour Destiny

Your Destiny

Heavenletter #586 Published on: May 28, 2002

You are always moving in one direction or another. You lean this way and that. Even when idle, you have sat yourself down in a place of idleness.

Directions are choices.

Choose simply to move in My direction. That will create a vortex of energy that pulls many threads together. You will become like a torpedo set for Heaven. You are already intended for Heaven. When you know this, your path straightens up. A gust of wind supports you. You are blown to Heaven by My Will. Your thoughts are boosters.

What other destination can you have in mind? What other destination is there?

There is only one port of call for you.

Keep your eye on Heaven in this moment. Even if it is the corner of your eye, that is good enough.

I signal you with My eyes to look up. "Over here," My eyes beckon.

You do not bend to My Will. You rise to My Will. I abet you.

I go to great lengths to reach you. My hand reaches out to you. And you lift your hand to Mine.

In this matter you have no choice except for when. You have no choice, yet I do not kidnap you, although the closer you come to Me, the more you know that you have no choice. In that way, you can say I kidnap you to Heaven.

I chose you long ago, and I have never gotten over you. I dance ahead of you, and I leave gifts along the way, remembrances of you so that you will remember Me.

We could say that My heart was cut in two, and I wait for that matching severed piece to be restored to Me. You are the other half of My heart, and you long for Our Union as much as I, only you do not know the rightful name of your longing.

If you feel lonely, that is an expression of your longing for Me. If you feel anxious, that is a stirring of your longing for Me. If you feel disconnected, that is a reminder of your longing for Me.

You cannot be misbegotten.

You can come to Me in one step, or you can come to Me in a million steps, more or less. You have delayed your departure from loneliness. You think you have been imprisoned, and you wait for someone to arrive with a key to let you out. No key is necessary. You are the key.

I am the other half of you, and I am not missing. If I am not missing, then it must be you who are. If I am not misplaced, it must be you who are. I am focused on you. If you are not focused on Me, it must be you who are not.

Enter Me now with your thoughts. Admit to the possibility that you are My beloved and that I eagerly await you. I have done nothing but await you. That is the heart's longing you feel, Mine for you. You can resist it no longer.

I pull you in like a fish from the sea. Irresistible am I. When you resist Me, it is your destiny you fight.

Concede. Concede that the power and the glory are Mine. Concede that I offer them to you. Concede that you are My own true love. Concede that you are My choice, and that you are worthy of being chosen.

Graciously lean toward Me. Through your own grace, relax into My arms, and call Me your own.

Entry #391
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August 26, 2012, 6:28 pmRemember God

Remember God

Heavenletter #648 Published on: July 29, 2002

Balance is a delicate thing.

In life you have been a tight-rope walker.

In one breath I tell you to disregard what others think, and in the next breath I tell you to tend to others.

I tell you not to sacrifice, and I tell you not to be selfish.

You honestly don't know how to make your way in the world. You want to do right, if only you knew what that was.

I tell you to be honest in your feelings, but how do you do that without stepping on another's?

When you put your attention on Me, it is off yourself and it is off the other. You look in one place, and you are focused.

Looking at Me is like picking up a bouquet of flowers; the scent must follow.

Looking at Me is like picking up a bunch of ribbons and holding them in the middle and moving along; the ends of the ribbons must follow. You do not have to think about making the tails of the ribbons follow your hand.

Looking at Me coalesces energy. Consider Me the mother duck and you the ducklings who line up and follow. The mother duck does not put each baby duck in place; she moves, and they follow.

Consider Me the lodestar, and you My stars, and you are perfectly aligned with Me. All it takes is looking at Me. Following Me is automatic.

When you point up to the sky, others near you are drawn to look up as well.

Some call looking up at Me prayer. I will call looking up at Me attention. Give Me a little bit of your attention, that's all. Attention will do. What is attention but love? Give Me your love then. Give your love to embody Me on earth.

The prayers you often give to Me are like counting with your fingers. In your prayers, you consolidate what it is you want from life. I don't say you make a shopping list, although you do make a list, mental or written, and you say, "God, please give Me all this. You won't forget?"

Consider putting your attention on Me the same way you affix a stamp on an envelope. You glue it on. And then you put the stamped envelope in a mailbox. And you know it will be delivered. But, of course, in this case, I am the Addressee as well as the Postmaster. I take care of it all.

Your attention on Me is the same as My taking care of you. When your eyes meet Mine, We are looking at each other. Because of My completeness, My Oneness, your gaze follows Mine, and so you are on high ground. You cannot take your eyes off Me. When your eyes are on Mine, you can say you caught My attention, but it is more accurate to say it is your own attention you have caught. You pasted your eyes on Mine. My eyes were always on you.

Follow My eyes to your destiny. Your destiny is where you are going. Merge into My eyes. Whirl around in the Heavens with Me. Swoon in My arms. Let Us enter the sun. Let Us play in it, Merry Sunshine. Become a sun nymph, a moon nymph, a water nymph, a mountain nymph. Become pure being.

Return to earth with a pirouette. Keep Heaven with you. Keep your eyes less on your questions and more on Me. I am the Solver. I am the Resolution. Remember Me. Remember Me well.

Entry #390
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August 23, 2012, 11:33 amChoosing vs. Judgment

Choosing vs. Judgment

Heavenletter #311 Published on: September 4, 2001

So long as you approve, you are judging. Approval and disapproval are two ends of judgment.

"But wait," you say, "aren't I entitled to like something more than something else?"

But of course you are.

When someone offers you an apple or an orange, and you prefer the orange, you accept it because that is your preference. You are not sneering at the apple or considering the orange of more value. You are not thinking: "Oh, how can anyone in their right mind choose an apple over an orange?"

You are simply stating your preference.

When two people perform different acts or in a different manner, or appear in different costume, you may look up to one and down on the other. That is judgment.

When it came to the choice of the apple or the orange, you were neutral about it. Your choice was your choice. You held no scorn for the fruit you didn't choose. You simply didn't choose it.

When it comes to people and their acts, your choosing isn't so neutral. It becomes personal. One affronts you, and the other pleases. No more than the innocent apple and orange do other people and their courses of action have to do with you.

It is not your place to be affronted.

You have choices certainly, but to be affronted is not one of them. Being affronted is taking personally that which is someone else's business.

When you are a teacher, and you praise one youngster, by default you are not praising the one next to him. Praise given to one and withheld from another is not such a glorious thing. When you praise, you are approving. By default, you are also disapproving.

Perhaps you are buying a house. Certainly you don't have to buy every house. You are entitled to buy the one you want. Make a choice for the one you want, but don't disparage another, for that will be someone else's choice.

Are you beginning to understand better what neutral means?

It does not mean dullness or disinterest or indifference. It means you have personal preference, but it does not mean you make a proclamation of condemnation or praise. You accept the coexistence of all, and you make your choice.

All the energy and effort that go into trying to make something into what you think it should be! You do that to your children, and you have done it to yourself.

There is a place for everything.

Nothing encroaches on you.

But you fear it does.

And so you judge a book by its cover.

Take out of the library the book you want, but do not scathe the others.

Do not wish someone else's choices out of existence.

In your mind, you have often squashed others' ideas, and so you have often squashed other people. That is tantamount to eradicating them. Disapproval is erasure. Be not a destroyer of hearts. Be an innocent passerby. Be a nodder at other people's hearts.

Know what is your business and know what is another's.

Know what is your domain and what is another's.

When you accept yourself as a Human being making his way in the world as best you can at this moment, then you will accord the same to those around you.

If everyone deserves My love, and you deserve My love, then can you not allow others to be at peace?

You are king of yourself, and of no other. For all are kings and queens in their own lives. I have appointed them.

Do not give your selfhood away, and do not grab another's.

Bestow your blessing upon freedom of choice.

Bless the creation entire.

Roll over, and bless it to itself.

And when you feel you cannot, bless it to Me.

Entry #389
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August 22, 2012, 7:05 pmThe World Is Waiting

The World Is Waiting

Heavenletter #589 Published on: May 31, 2002

Into each life a little light must fall. This is the beginning of your new thinking. Think this instead of the old thought that a little rain must fall.

Soon you will comprehend that a great deal of light does fall. You are bombarded and cascaded with glimmering light. Right now you see only a glimmer. You see only a glimmer because your eyes are shaded. You have been wearing sunglasses that color your view. You didn't know you could remove them and see a different way simply by changing the lens you look out through. You are the see-er.

When you see something a new way, you say that a light has gone on. Are you beginning to see now that the light that lights up is the light within you? You emanate it. You are the emanater of the light you see. Hold your light up higher so that all may see. So that you may see.

The world is waiting for your light. Cast it.

You have been waiting for it all your life long.

You have been yearning for more light, and you waited for it to come from somewhere outside you.

No one has more light than you. They may shine more, but they don't hold more. They may reveal more, but they have no more to reveal than you.

I did not play favorites with My children. I did not give anyone more light than I gave you. This is what you do not believe. You believe that you were shortchanged. Thus, much of your resistant attitude comes from the belief that all that should have been given to you was not. You have believed that something was denied you. You look around and you see you have been denied.

You have denied yourself. You have not let in to your awareness all that you are. You withhold from yourself. You are miserly towards yourself. And that miserliness is what deflates you.

The barriers you see before you lie within you. The light you see before you also lies within you. There is nothing that does not lie within you. That's where it all is.

Your life is just that — how you see it. Your view of the world is just that — your view. What happens to you is not your life. What happens is a minute portion of your life. You may not deliberately choose all your circumstances, but you do make them what you will. You are not stuck. If you think you are stuck, you have glued yourself. Let go.

Be the beholder of your life and not the withholder. Abstain from abstinence of joy. Instead, multiply joy.

Where did you get the idea that unhappiness is your lot in life? When was it you started to believe that unhappiness is part and parcel of life, in fact, the mainstay? Why did you determine that Human life was some kind of penance and that you had to pay dues for it? How is it that you thought you were plunked on Earth without any say in it, and that you were given no reprieve, no possibility of parole so long as you remain on Earth, no possible commutation of sentence?

You are not imprisoned. You far surpass any bounds around you. You surpass your physical form.

All the barriers, all the demarcations are man-conceived. Man did not make you. I did. There are no barriers to Me and there are no barriers to you whom I made. You are God-made, not man-made. You were made in My image which is to say you were made in My light. Therefore, you are My limitless light. Right now you are.

Entry #388
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May 31, 2012, 5:58 pmIn Love

In Love

Heavenletter #820 Published on: January 16, 2003

Problems of the world come from this one thing: My children do not know how loved they are. They do not feel loved because they see themselves as inadequate. It is not that My children do not believe in the existence of love, for they search for it all their lives, but they just don't believe it is possible for them to have it, or much of it, or enough, or for long.

How many of My children spend their whole lives believing that they are unloved? Or spend their whole lives trying to prove that they are? Or seemingly ignoring the whole issue altogether.

What can I say that will break this barrier for you? In how many ways can I tell you how loved you are? The sun and moon have not been enough. The light of stars hasn't convinced you. Flowers and growing vines and the gifts of fruit have not. Babies have not. Beautiful animals have not. The canopy of the sky has not. Angels have not.

I repeat Myself in an attempt, not to win your love for Me, but to win your love for you. I will try anything. I do. I bombard you with love right and left, and still you are unconvinced. What will it take?

It comes down to your belief in yourself. You find yourself wanting.

What I would give for you to have the eyes to see. What I have given.

Help Me by your knowing how vast is My love for you. You mean everything to Me. I cannot crave Our Oneness for that is inviolable, but I crave your awareness of Our Oneness. If you are unworthy, what can I be? And if I am worthy, what can you not be?

Will you not take My Word for it, that We love, and We love one another, that the whole meaning of existence is love? That you are meant for love and love alone. You are not meant for less than love, and you are not meant to know anything less than love. Yet you have become experts in the withholding of it and the withstanding of it.

Your perception of yourself is reversible. You can reverse it. From this day forward, say to yourself:

"I am the beloved of God. I am the most loved being in the whole world. I cannot be anything else. I accept my fate once and for all, and my fate is love. God created me, and God loves what He created. I am glad that God loves everyone, and I accept that everyone means me too. God is not careless in his love. He does not grant it frivolously. He is sincere in the love He gives. True, He gives it away, but that does not make it less.

"Why must I pretend to myself and others that God's love skips over me and lands somewhere else? Or why must I conclude that God does not really love at all? Or that God does not really exist except in the imagination of man, or that God is only a last-ditch hope because what else is there to hope for?

"No, God is not a placebo. God is the Basis, and God is the Adventure. God ventured forth in the world. He gave Himself to the world. He gave Himself to me, and He gave the world to me.

"The least I can do is to accept the bounty of God's love. I can accept His goodness. I can accept His love for me, and my love for Him. God and I are in love."

Entry #387
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May 13, 2012, 10:25 amA Matter of Love

A Matter of Love

Heavenletter #789 Published on: December 18, 2002
God said:

There is no need to try to love. Trying interferes with love. Trying is the antithesis of love. Not only is trying unnecessary, it is counter-productive. Love is not an act you perform. It is something that is. If you are not full of love this moment — if you are aware of less than full love in your heart this moment — you have blocked it. The heart does not block itself. You have tried to block it for one reason or another. You have issued ordinances about the love in your heart. You have tried to ordain it. Your mind has.

Only your mind presumes to regulate love.

Love is not something you dispense nor withhold. Love loves. When you have denied the rising of love in your heart, that is when you feel you must try to love. Because you denied it, you think it is not there, and that somehow you must roust some up.

We have different definitions of love, you and I.

Love is a natural event. It is not something you assume. It is not something you have to accrue to yourself. Love is not a performance. It is not a contract. It is not a guided exercise. Do not make it a decree. I say Let love be. Do not even try to uncork it.

Eliminate the word "try" from your vocabulary. Trying is tiring.

You can consciously do a kindness. You can consciously be considerate. But you cannot consciously love. Love is not an act of will. Love isn't something you don't have and thus have to acquire. Show of love is not the same as love. Imitation of love is not the same as love. Tokens of love are tokens of love. Love is what it is, or it is not. Love is not less than love.

Certainly, have the intent that the love cramped in your heart express itself. And then leave it alone. Let love take its own direction. You cannot make it flow. You cannot force it, nor is there need to. Allow love to rise on its own. It is its own occasion. It is its own preemptor.

You cannot make yourself love someone or something.

Know that you come from a platform of love. Love is not even in question.

Allow. Allow. Do not even try to allow.

If you feel that you do not love as much or as well as you think you should, then put some attention on Me. You will begin to feel the flow of love come all by itself like milk to a mother's breast. It is easier to love Me than anyone or anything in the world. That is because love knows itself, and I am the Origin of Love. I am your True Love. You and I love like nobody's business. We love because it is Our nature, and We cannot do anything else. Love is not effort. Anything else is.

Come to terms with the sway of love that is within your heart. Be honest with your love. Love does not mean what you think it does. You do not become a cipher of love. You are an indweller of love. You need not dispense love like a candy machine. Love emanates. Love is not lovey-dovey. It does not need pronouncements. It does not need identification. It needs your awareness, only its awareness of itself.

Entry #386
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