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A Matter of Love


A Matter of Love

Heavenletter #789 Published on: December 18, 2002
God said:

There is no need to try to love. Trying interferes with love. Trying is the antithesis of love. Not only is trying unnecessary, it is counter-productive. Love is not an act you perform. It is something that is. If you are not full of love this moment — if you are aware of less than full love in your heart this moment — you have blocked it. The heart does not block itself. You have tried to block it for one reason or another. You have issued ordinances about the love in your heart. You have tried to ordain it. Your mind has.

Only your mind presumes to regulate love.

Love is not something you dispense nor withhold. Love loves. When you have denied the rising of love in your heart, that is when you feel you must try to love. Because you denied it, you think it is not there, and that somehow you must roust some up.

We have different definitions of love, you and I.

Love is a natural event. It is not something you assume. It is not something you have to accrue to yourself. Love is not a performance. It is not a contract. It is not a guided exercise. Do not make it a decree. I say Let love be. Do not even try to uncork it.

Eliminate the word "try" from your vocabulary. Trying is tiring.

You can consciously do a kindness. You can consciously be considerate. But you cannot consciously love. Love is not an act of will. Love isn't something you don't have and thus have to acquire. Show of love is not the same as love. Imitation of love is not the same as love. Tokens of love are tokens of love. Love is what it is, or it is not. Love is not less than love.

Certainly, have the intent that the love cramped in your heart express itself. And then leave it alone. Let love take its own direction. You cannot make it flow. You cannot force it, nor is there need to. Allow love to rise on its own. It is its own occasion. It is its own preemptor.

You cannot make yourself love someone or something.

Know that you come from a platform of love. Love is not even in question.

Allow. Allow. Do not even try to allow.

If you feel that you do not love as much or as well as you think you should, then put some attention on Me. You will begin to feel the flow of love come all by itself like milk to a mother's breast. It is easier to love Me than anyone or anything in the world. That is because love knows itself, and I am the Origin of Love. I am your True Love. You and I love like nobody's business. We love because it is Our nature, and We cannot do anything else. Love is not effort. Anything else is.

Come to terms with the sway of love that is within your heart. Be honest with your love. Love does not mean what you think it does. You do not become a cipher of love. You are an indweller of love. You need not dispense love like a candy machine. Love emanates. Love is not lovey-dovey. It does not need pronouncements. It does not need identification. It needs your awareness, only its awareness of itself.

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