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Love Yourself More


Love Yourself More

Heavenletter #237 Published on: June 23, 2001

You have judged yourself the most harshly of all.

Even when you extol yourself, you extol yourself because you think you have to make up for something. You feel you need to accrue worth to you because you have judged yourself not worth much.

Judge yourself anew.

Lift your shoulders high. Remember Whose creation you are.

You are light and you have seen yourself as manure. You can see the manure if you choose, but you can also see light. And know that even manure is worthwhile, for it fertilizes the soil that grows roses. Nothing is wasted in My universe. And still all is light. If it were not for your judgments, you would know that.

Every time you compare, you are judging. Every time you dismiss someone or something as not worthy of you, you are judging. You consider yourself unworthy, and you consider some as more worthy than you and some less worthy. It is hard for you to see equal.

That is judgment — looking for differences. It is better to see light than differences.

Differences exist, but only on the surface. No two noses are alike, but hearts are. Souls are. That yearning part of you equals all others' yearnings. Your yearning is My call to you.

Your judgment is a cover-up of your tenderness. Somewhere you see a mask of yourself in this other, and you don't want that to be true. So you separate yourself from the other. You classify him. He has some quality that you fear in yourself, and you want to put that quality as far away from you as you can.

You may judge power as unworthy as well as helplessness. Both qualities you fear. When you disdain the helpless, you disdain your own helplessness. When you disdain the powerful, you fear your own power. When you disdain judgers of men, you disdain your own judgment. When you judge the cruel, you fear your own cruelty.

You do not have to embrace others' errors, but do not discard the people who make the errors.

I discard no one. I will never discard you. No matter how judgmental you may be, I do not judge you, nor do I discard you. How could I discard an impulse of My heart?

But that is what you do. You do it all the time. You throw out your heart's impulse by your focus on the outer.

How silly a thing is judgment, yet courts are made of them. The judge even sits on a throne. And the lowly are seated lower. But no throne reaches higher to Me. Sometimes kneelers reach higher to Me because they dig deep.

Humility is knowing your worth and the worth of another. Humility is not groveling. It is not debasing. It is not making yourself less than another and another more than you. Humility is not a cloak of shame. Humility is baring your heart and knowing the equality of all.

Do not submerge another. And do not submerge yourself. You are not better than another because you see yourself less worthy or more worthy than another.

There is no other. There is only you. You and I across the universe. Fault comes and goes, but We remain.

You do love your brother as yourself. The thing is that you do not love yourself much. You often are not hospitable or friendly to yourself. How you look at others is how you look at yourself. The faultfinder is his own faultiness located in another.

Whatever has been, now, today, you can be like a sun who warms the earth. You can make friends. You can make friendliness rather than judgment. Leave judgment behind, and you will be friend to yourself and all the selves who come to you.

Do not exclude yourself or another from the love in your heart. Include yourself and all others in the universe. Bless all alike, for all are Mine. Let them be yours as well.

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