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Your Destiny


Your Destiny

Heavenletter #586 Published on: May 28, 2002

You are always moving in one direction or another. You lean this way and that. Even when idle, you have sat yourself down in a place of idleness.

Directions are choices.

Choose simply to move in My direction. That will create a vortex of energy that pulls many threads together. You will become like a torpedo set for Heaven. You are already intended for Heaven. When you know this, your path straightens up. A gust of wind supports you. You are blown to Heaven by My Will. Your thoughts are boosters.

What other destination can you have in mind? What other destination is there?

There is only one port of call for you.

Keep your eye on Heaven in this moment. Even if it is the corner of your eye, that is good enough.

I signal you with My eyes to look up. "Over here," My eyes beckon.

You do not bend to My Will. You rise to My Will. I abet you.

I go to great lengths to reach you. My hand reaches out to you. And you lift your hand to Mine.

In this matter you have no choice except for when. You have no choice, yet I do not kidnap you, although the closer you come to Me, the more you know that you have no choice. In that way, you can say I kidnap you to Heaven.

I chose you long ago, and I have never gotten over you. I dance ahead of you, and I leave gifts along the way, remembrances of you so that you will remember Me.

We could say that My heart was cut in two, and I wait for that matching severed piece to be restored to Me. You are the other half of My heart, and you long for Our Union as much as I, only you do not know the rightful name of your longing.

If you feel lonely, that is an expression of your longing for Me. If you feel anxious, that is a stirring of your longing for Me. If you feel disconnected, that is a reminder of your longing for Me.

You cannot be misbegotten.

You can come to Me in one step, or you can come to Me in a million steps, more or less. You have delayed your departure from loneliness. You think you have been imprisoned, and you wait for someone to arrive with a key to let you out. No key is necessary. You are the key.

I am the other half of you, and I am not missing. If I am not missing, then it must be you who are. If I am not misplaced, it must be you who are. I am focused on you. If you are not focused on Me, it must be you who are not.

Enter Me now with your thoughts. Admit to the possibility that you are My beloved and that I eagerly await you. I have done nothing but await you. That is the heart's longing you feel, Mine for you. You can resist it no longer.

I pull you in like a fish from the sea. Irresistible am I. When you resist Me, it is your destiny you fight.

Concede. Concede that the power and the glory are Mine. Concede that I offer them to you. Concede that you are My own true love. Concede that you are My choice, and that you are worthy of being chosen.

Graciously lean toward Me. Through your own grace, relax into My arms, and call Me your own.

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