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Heavenletter #425 Published on: December 22, 2001

What a metaphor money is! It seems to capture the sum total of relative life. So meaningless at the same time as it seems vital. How valuable the valueless coins and bills are! They are counted as valuable because mass mind says they are. Because their value is mutually agreed upon, you scramble for them. You count and recount them. You grab them to you with relish, and you feel a power in spending them. And yet you know there is more to life than this metal and paper and your scrambling.

And yet Human life is constructed in such a way that, of course, you do not want to be without them, these pieces of metal and slips of paper.

And so you have a conflict. You amass that which you wish to spend, and a practice becomes a need, and you get swept up in the amassing and spending of this metaphor of your life.

Something that will help you is to remember the energy of life that is not material. The energy of life is the source of the material paper and metal. By dint of your hard work or luck you may gain money, but your hard work or luck is not the Source of it.

No man gives it to you either. His hand may pass it to you, but he did not create the energy that accompanies the transaction.

If all wealth comes from Me, then how come money is not intrinsically worth more? You have the impression that it is basic to life, and yet that, at the same time, you shouldn't adore it so much. You certainly should not worship it.

This thing about money is a sly thing. It is a contradiction. Have it or you will be a pauper without, the world says, and then winks and pretends money is nothing at all. It is like the world offers you candy and withholds its sweetness at the same time.

Consider money a carpenter's tool. Consider it a hammer or saw or nail that serves a purpose. It creates something. It joins disparate parts. It is useful beyond itself. What does the carpenter's tool create? What does he make with it? What does he use it for, and to what end?

Be not so automatic in regard to money. Do not buy world thought. Certainly money has its face value. Find deeper value. Like love, money is not to be hoarded. It is to be circulated. The movement of the money is its energy, not the demonstration of money itself. As with love, it is not to be used to control or to be withheld, and it is not to be saved up for yourself or spent only on yourself.

It often is that those who have the least hold it the most dear.

You must come to peace about money. When you truly recognize that I am the Source of it, your feelings about it will change. Money is not the security. I am. Money is not the gold. I am. Money may glitter, but it is not the gold. Gold is not even the gold. I am.

All you gain and all you give is back and forth expression of Me. If the money is a gift from Me, then it has a higher purpose than exchange from hand to hand or drawer to drawer. Let your use of money reveal the energy of love. Do not count the money so much. Count the love you give with it. Let your use of it be a holy thing. Give something of Me when you transfer this medium of exchange called money.

Remember that I am plentiful. There is more than enough of Me for everyone. Make sure that love goes with the motions of money you pass. That is alchemy. Lift money above the dross of the world and turn it into the gold of My love.

Entry #400


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