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In Love


In Love

Heavenletter #820 Published on: January 16, 2003

Problems of the world come from this one thing: My children do not know how loved they are. They do not feel loved because they see themselves as inadequate. It is not that My children do not believe in the existence of love, for they search for it all their lives, but they just don't believe it is possible for them to have it, or much of it, or enough, or for long.

How many of My children spend their whole lives believing that they are unloved? Or spend their whole lives trying to prove that they are? Or seemingly ignoring the whole issue altogether.

What can I say that will break this barrier for you? In how many ways can I tell you how loved you are? The sun and moon have not been enough. The light of stars hasn't convinced you. Flowers and growing vines and the gifts of fruit have not. Babies have not. Beautiful animals have not. The canopy of the sky has not. Angels have not.

I repeat Myself in an attempt, not to win your love for Me, but to win your love for you. I will try anything. I do. I bombard you with love right and left, and still you are unconvinced. What will it take?

It comes down to your belief in yourself. You find yourself wanting.

What I would give for you to have the eyes to see. What I have given.

Help Me by your knowing how vast is My love for you. You mean everything to Me. I cannot crave Our Oneness for that is inviolable, but I crave your awareness of Our Oneness. If you are unworthy, what can I be? And if I am worthy, what can you not be?

Will you not take My Word for it, that We love, and We love one another, that the whole meaning of existence is love? That you are meant for love and love alone. You are not meant for less than love, and you are not meant to know anything less than love. Yet you have become experts in the withholding of it and the withstanding of it.

Your perception of yourself is reversible. You can reverse it. From this day forward, say to yourself:

"I am the beloved of God. I am the most loved being in the whole world. I cannot be anything else. I accept my fate once and for all, and my fate is love. God created me, and God loves what He created. I am glad that God loves everyone, and I accept that everyone means me too. God is not careless in his love. He does not grant it frivolously. He is sincere in the love He gives. True, He gives it away, but that does not make it less.

"Why must I pretend to myself and others that God's love skips over me and lands somewhere else? Or why must I conclude that God does not really love at all? Or that God does not really exist except in the imagination of man, or that God is only a last-ditch hope because what else is there to hope for?

"No, God is not a placebo. God is the Basis, and God is the Adventure. God ventured forth in the world. He gave Himself to the world. He gave Himself to me, and He gave the world to me.

"The least I can do is to accept the bounty of God's love. I can accept His goodness. I can accept His love for me, and my love for Him. God and I are in love."

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