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The Flame of Love


The Flame of Love

Heavenletter #726 Published on: October 17, 2002

Your life is not on a schedule, and yet it is not random. You who are a propulsion of My thought propel yourself. You are not a wind-up toy. There are not only certain directions you can go in. You can go in all directions. You are not battery-driven. You run on perpetual energy. You run on love energy. Call it solar if that's more acceptable to you. It is My energy that you run on.

Love is frictionless. What is friction but love obstructed?

Consider that everything is love, and where does that take you? There is love pure and there is love distorted, and that is all there is. And Human life covers love pure and love impeded. Love in the world falls in many places in between. But it is all love, shaped this way or that, but love all the same. Like pasta that has many shapes, and yet remains pasta, love stays love.

The only thing that can be in your heart is love. But a squeeze here and a squeeze there of your heart impinges on the natural love, so it may come out misshapen. The thing to do is to unwind the taut places in your heart and unconstrict the flow of love.

You are already love, so you do not have to talk yourself into it. You do not have to become more loving or bigger-hearted. You already have the full amount. No matter who you are or where you have been and what you have done, you are the full measure of love. All you have to do is remove the constraints to it. Oh, it is like taking off a too-tight shoe.

What a release it is to release your heart from bondage! It takes no effort. You are not to try. All you have to do is let go of self-imposed barriers. One main barrier is the idea that you are not love, or that you cannot find love in your heart. You may concede that it once was there, but you think it flew away in bits and pieces. You may think you gave too much of it away. Uncage your love, and it will stay with you.

You do not have to beckon love to come to you. Love comes unbidden. It is already there. You are full of love. Only you have elbowed some away.

You are a carrier of My love. That is all you are. That is the most you can be, and you are not less. Anything less is self-deception.

I do not call you My love idly. You are My love given to you, and you are My love given back to Me. Any way you slice it, you are My love. You are made of My love, and you are the one I love. There are no two sides to this coin. You are the same My love.

You may think you are a sputtering candle, but you have been mistaken before. You are mistaken about who you are and your capabilities most of the time. You are light supreme, because you are My light. You who were made in My image are My light reflected. You are the mirror, and you are what you see in the mirror, and you are the light surrounding all.

Don't say to yourself that you knew that all along. You may have heard it, but you have not understood nor have you accepted it. Not yet. Not fully. Oh, but when you do, when you do accept the bounty of what I made you, when you do accept the truth of created beings, when you do accept yourself and all that goes with you, oh, then, you will be such a light on earth that you will be dazzled in the flame of love.

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