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You Are Here

Heavenletter #1072 Published on: September 28, 2003
God said:

Remember, you don't have to be in bondage to the circumstances of life. You do not have to go up and down. Whatever transpires is peripatetic. The outside circumstances are not going to last. Joyous or unjoyous, they are fleeting. You do not have to allow yourself to be so swayed by them. They will come and go. You do not have to be at the mercy of mere events.

I well know that you do become swayed by events. Your feelings get hurt or soothed, your ego trampled or heightened. Your heart sinks or swells or breaks. Yet your heart always heals. To what avail is the heartache when that too is a passing thing.

But less and less are you thrown by the incidents that surround you, do you agree? What makes the difference? It is not that you are hardened. You are softened. The time will come when you will know your mightiness, and you will know, not only that there is not anything you cannot come through undamaged, but there was nothing to go through. Clouds passed by, that's all, made shadows. Even in the nighttimes of life, you are undimmed.

You are not the sidewalk you walk on. You are not the trail in the woods. You are not the branches that brush against you. You are not the airwaves. You are not the sounds nor the sights. And yet you are all of these.

You who are formless appear in different Human forms. Alas, some of the forms say Boo to you.

You were given free will as a blessing. You see it as a mixed blessing. You want free will, but you always want to be right.

While you have the free will to fear and suffer, you also have the free will to let go of fear and suffering. You can dismiss them at any time. Then you will know what it is to be free.

When there is not fear, what need have you for bravery? Needing neither fear nor bravery, you can then just be. Through thick and thin, you can just be.

Fear nips at your heels, and you go to great lengths to distract yourself. Let go of fear and nothing will distract you.

Sure, you would let go of fear if you could, if only you knew how. Even though you know that your fears are unjustified, you still put yourself through them. You captured fear, and now you can let it go. You let it go by letting it go.

You can put on a coat, and you can take it off. You can warm yourself, and you can cool yourself. You can sit and you can stand. You can fear and you cannot fear. What is there you cannot do? What is there that you have not done?

The life around you is the life around you. That is all it is. You are not so dependent upon it as you have thought.

If you go left, you are still you. If you go right, you are still you. If you go straight ahead, you are still you. If you turn around, you are still you.

This whole universe is your home. Wherever you are in your life, you are at home. From this home on earth, to Heaven you come. Come to it now in your heart. You are safe. There is nothing that can happen to you. You are waves of My love, and you come lapping to shore. What does it matter from which direction you come when you are here?


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