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Life Holds Great Wonders


Life Holds Great Wonders

Heavenletter #3822 Published on: May 13, 2011
God said:

However…whenever…whoever…life is a beautiful apparition. There is nothing like life, is there? What a richness is life! What a story! What a happily ever after or not happily ever after. There is always ever after. Life continues on whatever plane. There is no end to life. Nor does life have to be stored.

Your life writes itself as it goes along, and then it is to be erased and room made for more life, more new life, spontaneous life. Life is not to be revisited. It will revise itself. In any case, life, as viewed in the relative world, will not stay the same. Hop on one foot or hop on two, life is always moving merrily along. Life is merry. You may not be, and, yet, you can be regardless of what journeys life takes you on.

Just think of this miraculous gift of life. Its richness. Its abundance. Its surprises, its hilarity, and, yes, its disappointments. Nevertheless, life is not to be slandered, thought ill of, disparaged, put down, nor is life to be swept under the carpet. In this moment, you live it. In the next moment, is another opportunity of life. You don’t keep peeking at the underside of the carpet. When a moment is past, it is past. Be done with it, and move on to the next.

Life does not have to be crafted. You don’t need to draw designs for it. Have ideas, have intentions, have dreams to build on. Yet, in the moments of having your dear dreams, also let go of them. Do not hold on too tight. You do not let go of your dreams too easily either. There is a fine balance. You have seen life like the porridge in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. One bowl of porridge is too hot. One bowl is too cold. One bowl is just right. And so it goes with the chairs, and so it goes with the beds.

Life does not have to be your cup of tea. What you can know is that life holds great wonders in store for you. What wonder is life going to perform for you today? Life may even hold greater for you than you imagined. In that case, you may have to turn in old dreams for new. You don’t want to be stubborn with life. Life has to have its broad swath. Life does not want to be confined any more than you do.

Life is a picnic, beloveds, only this picnic does not always have the delicacies you most favor. There are many tastes in life, and you will get a taste of each. The taste matters, yet how you digest the various tastes matters more. Let life go down your gullet easily. Life in the world is not permanent. Life grows. Life evolves. Even when you can’t see your growth, you are growing, and you are evolving. Keep up with life. Be happy when life gives you sweet honey. Be happy when life gives you manna from Heaven. Be happy just the same when life gives you a turnip.

And when there are bumps in the road, be happy too. You have many resources at your disposal. Support your heart. Support life. How about your making life happy?

Know this. You are never singled out for heartache. There are those who fear that they are being neglected. They don’t see My helping them. They are perhaps seeing either/ or. They are perhaps short-sighted. They most certainly are short-sighted when they don’t see Me coming down the road, for here I am.


Entry #15


topazz28Comment by topazz28 - August 7, 2011, 11:08 am
What can I do today to make someone else enjoy Life?    Smile, say a word of encouragement, make eye contact, perform a difficult task for them, give a kiss or a hug, a hand shake or squeeze, listening ear. Just love! All these things are LOVE or expressions of LOVE. Having said that. Know that I am smiling when I say this. I am so glad that you visited my blog today and I encourage you to enjoy your family today. I have enjoyed your visit and I hope you leave a post so that the next time I can give you a hug. Don't forget that I Love you!!!! Be Blessed in the Life that our Heavenly Father has given you.
Comment by CashWinner$ - August 7, 2011, 9:26 pm
Thanks topazz, those words are very beautiful & inspirational! "you may have to turn in old dreams for new".. love that message!
topazz28Comment by topazz28 - August 7, 2011, 10:19 pm
Thanks for your comments, and that's not a bad thing, something we should all consider as God refreshes us and renews our mind. CashWinners its so nice to meet you, and I hope that you receive this brotherly hug that I am giving to you. I had a wonderful day with family and we enjoyed each other so much, what a beautiful blessing this week has been, just spending time with them. 4 days turned into 8 wonderful days of unexpected enjoyment! I thank God for the blessing of that time.

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