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The Pleasure of Your Company


The Pleasure of Your Company

Heavenletter #3834 Published on: May 25, 2011
God said:

And to what do I owe the pleasure of your company? You have come to Me here now today, and I ask you what has brought you here? Whatever you think brought you here, happenstance, a decision, a habit, I brought you here before Me so I may look at you and so you may remember that you are deep in My heart. You are in My heart. Think of that. You are in God’s heart. You are an essence of My heart. That means you are essential to My heart.

It is not that I have need because all is fulfilled, yet in terms of the world, We can say I need you in My heart, and, yet, how do I need when you are already based in My heart? You, also, have no need of Me because you already exist in My heart. Your need then is to know that you are deeply, irrevocably, in My One Heart.

I cannot long to have you in My heart because you are already in My heart, and yet, if it can be said that I long, I long for you to be aware of your immovable place in My heart. My heart is filled with you. We could say that My heart is a piñata, and when you poke into My heart, why, you find yourself spilling out, you, the love in My heart.

You who have sought to know Me, or who have not consciously sought to know Me, find yourself in My heart.

My heart is splendid. Could it be otherwise? And you are in My heart. You always were, are. There is no place for you to be but tender in My heart. Of tenderness you were born, and of tenderness you remain. Tender is your heart, and in tenderness, there is strength. The strength of your heart – and Mine too – is tenderness. What else would a heart be for?

And so, now, your heart softens. Malleable becomes your heart. Like sweet bread kneaded becomes your heart. Life itself kneads your heart, this heart of yours, like Mine, in Mine, that is to remain open.

Your heart is not meant to dry up, or to close up. Your heart is meant to open, open, softly open, until the whole Universe finds a haven in your heart. Why not? Why not your heart?

Your heart, once opened, opened all the way, is the same heart as that of the Great Ones. A heart is a heart. The hearts of the Great Ones were fully-blossomed hearts. They loved all, embraced all, warmed all, heartened all. The Great Ones were great openers of hearts. Intellect is one thing. Heart is another. Be one-hearted. Be One with My heart. Remove all impediments to your realization of the state of your heart.

You say your heart is wounded? Then open your heart. You do not heal your heart by keeping it closed. Open your heart rather than protect it. Your heart has no need of protection except from yourself. Your heart needs no bodyguard. On the contrary, your heart needs to be unprotected. For love to fill your heart, it must be open. Certainly, a closed heart cannot be filled. A wary heart cannot be filled. No longer deceive your heart. No longer trammel it. No longer cut it off. No longer say to your beleaguered heart, “Enough of that. Enough of love.”

Don’t be preposterous. Say to your heart, “Forgive me for the hammerlock I have put on you. I am removing all restrictions now. My beautiful heart, I am setting you free so you can be the heart you always really are.”


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