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God Gave You Your Identity


God Gave You Your Identity

Heavenletter #3823 Published on: May 14, 2011
God said:

You do try to define Me. Somewhere in the recesses of your mind, you define Me as good or failing and, sometimes, both and shades in between. You like to define things. You like everything sewed up tight. You don’t like loose ends. And, so, you also try to define yourself in so many ways, and as you do, so does the world.

You define yourself according to gender. You define yourself according to height. You define yourself according to occupation, and you also have adjectives you apply to yourself when you make a mistake.

You cannot define Me, nor, beloveds, can you truly define yourself. In that case, accept My definition of you. Upon Self-examination, I declare that you are as indefinable as I am. The closest definition to you that there exists is that you are love and light, and I stop there. I am Love and Light, and so are you. The difference is that I know Who I AM, and you do not yet know, or fully know. Of course, you do not yet fully know the width and breadth that I AM. You skirt the edges, beloveds. You hold Me up to certain standards. In that sense, you are Goliath to My David.

However, in My case, We are both winners. We win together. What is good for Me is good for you. It is equally true that what is good for you is also good for Me. The thing is that you don’t always know what is good for you. At the same time, I do not go down the line totting up every move you make. I am too busy looking at your golden light and your golden love.

Even when you are in the midst of upset, anger, or despair, I am looking at you with My lighted eyes of love. Wherever I turn, I see Myself. I may see Myself wandering in a human body that you identify as many things, sometimes, it seems, almost anything to deny your true identity. Sometimes it is as if you go out of your way to prove that you are less than I say. Somehow it may be more comfortable for you to say you are a derelict rather than have to take responsibility for the state you are in and the state of the world. You may prefer to prove your incompetency rather than your worth. It seems to Me that sometimes you go to great lengths to prove you are other than what I say you are, and I say you are gold.

In this moment, you can identify yourself with Me. Masked fear has held you back. It is difficult for you to face the fact that you have great say in your life and the life of the world. You may rather foist off responsibility on Me or on the person across from you. In a limited way, you may blame yourself due to your inability, due to your being resigned to offer little or nothing to the world or offer suffering to it as a payback for your suffering, or from a need to show how suffering and helpless you are. You may prefer to become an addict rather than to declare yourself sovereign.

You must admit that sometimes, or often, you do tend to run away from yourself, and so you become rag-tail or controlling or whatever you do to limit yourself. You likely see yourself as only a human being. Only a human being? You are a great only. You are a great creation. You even have the power to deny the Greatness of yourself. I am not talking about modesty. I am talking about outright denying if not deploring your Godly strengths. You look into the mirror too much and see only a human body that can only lack Greatness.

Choose My identification of you. I tell you frankly that the shoe fits.


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