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Your Perspective


Your Perspective

Heavenletter #692 Published on: September 11, 2002
God said:

There is something in your heart that you want to ask Me, if only you knew what it was. But you will get there. You will find it, and your heart will totally be a flower in full bloom.

Perhaps that is your question: "Dear God, how do I open my heart more to You?"

Or perhaps your question is: "Dear God, how do I open my heart more to Your other children, whom I am told are myself, and yet who seem so far away and even opposed to me?"

Or perhaps your question is: "Oh, dear God, how do I get along with myself? How do I come to encourage myself more than I discourage myself? How do I get myself out of the quagmire of thought I presently find myself in? How do I become what I want to be? How do I become what You want me to be?"

You realize, of course, that you and I look at different things. You look at Me warily as some kind of foreign object while I am, in reality, the most intimate heart of you. Or you look at Me to be more than a God or perhaps you see Me as a God Who disappoints.

You see other people as far away from you, while I see you as One. You need to look closer.

As for yourself, you look at your imperfection, and I see your perfection. You look at the ripples you make, and I look at you. Because of where you look, you may think that you are not already what I want you to be. Do you think I look to find fault with you? Do you think that perfection in the terms of the world is the perfection I look at? All your world stuff, pro or con, is nothing next to you; I see what is beneath and beyond any presentation you give to the world. And My glance at you is dependent upon what you are and not your misdemeanors. You do not curry My favor anymore than you attract My disfavor. You do not win points with Me, nor demerits.

I am not blinded. I know you make mistakes, commit errors, make unholy choices. But when your child is learning to walk and he falls down, you do not berate him. You pick him up. You do not pretend that he did not fall down, but you understand that he is a child who is learning. Do you possibly think that I am less than you? Less aware, less caring, less guiding? Do you think I give only so many chances and no more? Do you think I carry prejudice against you? Do you think I rub My hands with glee to catch you in a mistake? What do you think My point of view is?

So you see how much a difference what you look at makes to your perspective. What you look at becomes what you look through. What you look at becomes part of your vision. It becomes how you open your eyes or squint them.

Part of your freedom of choice is to look at whatever you want any way you want. There are no bounds here. There is not one way for you to interact with Me, the world, or yourself. There are many. That is the meaning of free choice.

Look higher. Reach higher. Where you look is where you reach. Where you look is what you see.

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