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Reduce,pick and win for digits game


Last Edited: September 18, 2011, 2:36 am

For all digits games your Pattern is/are [1380], [0291],[3568],[4657]. The clue/hint is to get 2 digits right for 3-game and 3digits right for 4 games.your additional digits will be from the pool [0.....9] or the last drawn result,is all about your budget. 

Let's work on practical examples,choosing any state. let's choose  some results for virginia pick 3,say date 8/31/2011 .

8/31/2011  D:314 generates  80,029,568, your common digits is/are 08,which should be combined with the rest of the pool or the last drawn digits.

                  N:100 generates 38,291(you don't have a common digits,so use the remaing pattern),3568,4657 and your common digits becomes  3856.

combining 3856 into two's before adding the last digit is not recommended for budget reasons,though the numbers will hit in the next 2 draws,is preferable to work with at most 3 digits before adding your last digits.

let's combine 3856 into two's : 38,35,36,85,86,56.Now look at the next results for 9/1/2011

9/1/2011 D:888, N:253, 

9/2/2011 D:328, N:808

9/3/2011 D:414,506

Be mindful that you generate your picks by cancelling the drawn results from the pattern(s).

Now your option is not finding the 2digits, but rather how to add the remaining digits.Adding the whole pool (0 thru 9) seems obvious,but not cost effective,but using the generated digits 08, you have enough room to

manipulate your play in any shape.Let's use the 08, we either use the pool,spending 50cents/pick ,totaling $5

and winning $40 or $1/pick,totaling $10 and winning $40 or $330.

NB: you don't have to use all the patterns,Your generated digits should be at MOST 3 digits. Test this system

with your state.Do not force your hand when there's no pattern(the game is here to stay!),patience is all u need. I  Will appreciate your comments if this info is useful, Good luck and have fun!

Entry #7


Comment by lindee - February 16, 2018, 1:07 pm
I want to thank you and ask God to return many blessings to you for your help. I will be joining the thread you started after I get caught up on reading and trying to understand. Thanks again

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