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February 9, 2012, 10:48 pmKey Digits for pick 3 and pick 4


 Below is a  Summary of generated patterns for  your Lottery game,follow the instrustions,study your state trends and evolve your system.

The instructions helps you to pick 3keys and 4 keys for picks 3 and 4 and the percentile is between 60-70 for most state.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
380 091 180 279 368 358 249 130 021 138
3802 0914 1805 2796 3684 3584 2496 1305 0214 1382

  1.  Members of pool ( 0 to 9 digits)
  2. Pick 3 patterns corresponding to each digit
  3. Pick 4 patterns corresponding to each digit
Using the Table:From your Pick 3 game,look out for only Double drawn results from oldest to recent, e.g ,let say the digits 129, 225,102 were drawn, you'll work on 225 because it contains doubles(valid for triples).

Looking up the table for pick 3 patterns,the doubles 22 correspond to the pattern 091,this is your key for the next 3-4 draws.

The key 091 combo 09,01,91 becomes 09x,01x,91x,,x depends on your bankroll or budget,but for most states x is usually the last drawn digits,so for this example ,the last draw 102 becomes our x,hence final combo becomes 091,090,092,011,010,012,911,910,912.

x can be lower digits 0,1,2,3, media 4,5,6 or higher 7,8,9. whatever trend u choose stick to it!

To study the trend of this system, take the last 10 recent draws of your state, choose all double drawn digits,backtest it and see your time frame.

For pick 4,the concept is the same,you look up for Doubles/Triples ,make a combo 123x,124x,134x,234x add your trend as explained for pick 3.

The good thing about this system is you know when is time to wage,remember to cancel combo key if drawn,e.g if my combo key is 138 and the number 383 ,180 is drawn the key is no more valid,look up for the next key. Good luck,comments welcome,God is always good.




Entry #15
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December 12, 2011, 5:18 pmUsing 3 recent draws with Summary of Patterns for digit lottery

This is just an update of my post entry #13,I am going to further reduce the many parmeters of 'ifs'. The logic for choosing your best picks stays the same,but you're going to generate patterns for two drawn set save the latest(current) draw.Remember, it was generating patterns for all three recent set in inverse order,do not generate any pattern for the last draw,the last draw is going to be the Reducer.Let me summarize  these text below:

 1. choose three recent draws, eg. 412,001,457

2.invert order of draw(older to recent)457,001,412

3.generate pattern(use table) for oldest 2 drawn sets

*457 generates 279-368-247, combo  2793684 ( priority to common digits in combo,i.e.4863979 is not 2793684)

*001 generates  138-138-380,combo  1380

4.Your latest drawn set 412 is your reducer,use it to delete corresponding digits in combos of note 3

5.Final combos is/are 79368 and 380.

* since 380 is sub of the larger combo ,combine 79368 into triads for your final pick.

6.Your hypothetical pick is 793,796,798,736,738,768,936,938,368.

play this for 3 consecquetive draws.

Final note: If you think the combo is too high for budget reasons, wait for next  reducer(next draw) or compare the two combos and pick common digits like 38 above( priority for digits selection is always up to down).If final combo at MOST 

3 digits then combine with the last drawn set ,i.e. 38/412 for this example.This very effective tool of cutting all the parameters of  lottology. The patterns combines the digits for you,all  u need to do is be patient and study time frame(mostly 3 draws for pick 3 and 5 for pick 4 for most states)of your game,keep to basics,keep it simple.Good Luck ,comments for ideal sharing is welcome,God Is always good!

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December 7, 2011, 5:56 pmReduce,pick and win for digits game

                                            Summary of Generated Patterns


1. The logic or rational is,every Digitin a drawn Setgenerates a pattern.

2. Common digit/s withina generated pattern is/are picked.

3. Common digit/s  across  generated patterns are picked.

4. Common digit/s  From oldestof  drawn setshas the priority when chosing your final picks.

5. Three Recentdrawn sets  should be used.

























From the above  Table,each digit correspond to a Pattern, so in a hypothetical recent drawn Set, say 423, will generates 423(279,091,180), your pick within this pattern is 901.  Using the Three recent draws  suggestion,let’s assume the sets 423,785,201 were drawn in order of recency,then your pattern will be worked inversely 201,785,423(see note 4 of summary of patterns).Using the drawn sets in inverse order,let’s generate some patterns:







Your final pick for next three draws will be 013, this should be combined with the remaining digits 8,9.

Repeat the process for 4 digits game,but should be played for five draws. This instructions has a hit ratio of 67% according to my prediction for some States on ‘LotteryPost’ website(check Adobea78 blog).Have fun and leave a comment if this information is useful.














Entry #13
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October 9, 2011, 1:16 pmReduce,pick and win for digits game

 Happy columbus day,hope u guys are having fun. God is always good ,no matter what, I want u guys to check my post Blog #9 and evolve you system from there, Forget about lottology nightmare.my instructions keeps everything simple.I see guys predicting the same numbers for all the states. Give me your state and I will give u prediction valid for 1-3 draws. this will be done one time, I just want u to read my post #9,this will help u a lot. Is all about 'sequential difference related to pool size'. check my predictions for choosen states and make informed decision to read the #9 post, times are hard,keep things simple and have fun.Good luck and God Bless

Last Edited: October 9, 2011, 1:18 pm

Entry #12
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October 4, 2011, 9:07 pmReduce,pick and win for digits game

 Hope my post #9 is working for u guys. Is all about generating PATTERNS to meet your 'TIME FRAME'.don't indulge into too much lottology stuff. Lottologeist are in love with history of this millelium game,and love writing stories,which is all good.

You don't need lot of stuff crossing your mind when dealing with Random Events, keep it simple and be patient. I want u guys to check post#9 of this blog and test it to evolve a unique system for your Game. My Predictions when I joined LP  a month ago is dead on every 1-3 days, with hit ratio of 0.67. Have fun friends and good luck

Entry #11
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October 1, 2011, 4:19 pmReduce,pick and win for digits game

check out my last  post for reduced patterns for digits games.For all lotto/lottery games, the clue/hint is "the sequential  difference between drawn numbers related to the pool size".This relation generates the patterns, your luck is when your pattern meets your "time frame"( hit ratio!). Is all about   "Reduce,Pick and Win".good luck and have fun

Last Edited: October 1, 2011, 4:21 pm

Entry #10
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September 27, 2011, 10:17 pmReduce,pick and win patterns!

for all digits game your patterns has been reduced to:  01, 29, 38, 47, 56   , the pairs are complimentary. To use the pair, let's take hypothetical 3-digit drawn result,say 267 , then your pick for the next 3 draws will be 954(i.e. from the pair compliment).Now combine 954 into two's: 95,94,54. your additional digit is the remaining pairs 01,38. your final pick will be  950,940,540,951,941,541,953,943,543,958,948,548.

Test this reduced patterns with your game, check your time frame,have fun and good luck.

Entry #9
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September 18, 2011, 1:33 amReduce,pick and win for DC-3

for DC players, check this for three consec; days:  862,860,820,620,863,823,623,869,829,629,867,827,627,866,826,626,865,826,625

Entry #8
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September 17, 2011, 5:20 pmReduce,pick and win for digits game

For all digits games your Pattern is/are [1380], [0291],[3568],[4657]. The clue/hint is to get 2 digits right for 3-game and 3digits right for 4 games.your additional digits will be from the pool [0.....9] or the last drawn result,is all about your budget. 

Let's work on practical examples,choosing any state. let's choose  some results for virginia pick 3,say date 8/31/2011 .

8/31/2011  D:314 generates  80,029,568, your common digits is/are 08,which should be combined with the rest of the pool or the last drawn digits.

                  N:100 generates 38,291(you don't have a common digits,so use the remaing pattern),3568,4657 and your common digits becomes  3856.

combining 3856 into two's before adding the last digit is not recommended for budget reasons,though the numbers will hit in the next 2 draws,is preferable to work with at most 3 digits before adding your last digits.

let's combine 3856 into two's : 38,35,36,85,86,56.Now look at the next results for 9/1/2011

9/1/2011 D:888, N:253, 

9/2/2011 D:328, N:808

9/3/2011 D:414,506

Be mindful that you generate your picks by cancelling the drawn results from the pattern(s).

Now your option is not finding the 2digits, but rather how to add the remaining digits.Adding the whole pool (0 thru 9) seems obvious,but not cost effective,but using the generated digits 08, you have enough room to

manipulate your play in any shape.Let's use the 08, we either use the pool,spending 50cents/pick ,totaling $5

and winning $40 or $1/pick,totaling $10 and winning $40 or $330.

NB: you don't have to use all the patterns,Your generated digits should be at MOST 3 digits. Test this system

with your state.Do not force your hand when there's no pattern(the game is here to stay!),patience is all u need. I  Will appreciate your comments if this info is useful, Good luck and have fun!

Last Edited: September 18, 2011, 2:36 am

Entry #7
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September 16, 2011, 5:31 pmReduce,pick and win for digits for CAL daily and NY numbers

Cal daily :[014,084,814,019,089,819,081]  ,    NY numbers:[394,345,945,391,341,941] play for 3 consec; draws. I will appreciate your comments if this info is useful,thanks and good luck

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September 15, 2011, 3:15 pmReduce,pick and win for Va cash 5

play combo  for 30 days, 3 wins gauranteed frequently:  [2-4-32-34-6] [ 2-4-32-8-30]  [2-4-32-28-30] [2-4-32-8-28] [34-6-8-28-30] [6-8-28-30-10] [6-8-28-12-26] [6-8-28-24-26] [6-8-28-12-24][30-10-12-24-26].Good luck

Entry #5
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September 14, 2011, 11:13 pmReduce,pick and win for Va cash 5

play combinations for  30 days,you can choose to play only day or night,depending on budget,you'll always have 3 wins most of the time.good luck

Entry #4
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September 13, 2011, 10:15 pmreduce,pick and win prediction for VA pick 3

play box ,day/night for 4days  these  prediction  327,325,375,275,327,326,376,276.

tell me your favorite game and you will have a prediction for free.good luck

Last Edited: September 13, 2011, 10:16 pm

Entry #3
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September 13, 2011, 3:23 pmReduce,pick and win for lotto(large pool)

 wheeling is very effective when you have the right picks, get me your state lotto and I will give u your best  picks.It is all about 'sequential difference between drawn numbers related to the pool',reducing it and picking it for your win.My next post is prediction for cash 5 of virginia, superenalotto, 5/90 italian lotto.you can add your state for free prediction,we all need each other,have fun!

Entry #2
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September 12, 2011, 11:24 pmReduce,pick and win for digits game

 I will be posting frequent predictions for 3-digits games,to all my lotto friends use the last 2 recent draws of your game with this two patterns [0138] [0291] to generate your best pick. just cancel the

the drawn numbers from the patterns, combine the remaining patterns into two,s and add the digits of the latest drawn.let's chose hypothetical two recent draws(day/night),say 123 and 114, then your remaining pattern after cancellation will be  08 and 09.  adding the latest drawn(114/night),your best

pick will be 081,084,091,094,891,894,play box for 3 to 4 days.

Entry #1
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