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Using 3 recent draws with Summary of Patterns for digit lottery


This is just an update of my post entry #13,I am going to further reduce the many parmeters of 'ifs'. The logic for choosing your best picks stays the same,but you're going to generate patterns for two drawn set save the latest(current) draw.Remember, it was generating patterns for all three recent set in inverse order,do not generate any pattern for the last draw,the last draw is going to be the Reducer.Let me summarize  these text below:

 1. choose three recent draws, eg. 412,001,457

2.invert order of draw(older to recent)457,001,412

3.generate pattern(use table) for oldest 2 drawn sets

*457 generates 279-368-247, combo  2793684 ( priority to common digits in combo,i.e.4863979 is not 2793684)

*001 generates  138-138-380,combo  1380

4.Your latest drawn set 412 is your reducer,use it to delete corresponding digits in combos of note 3

5.Final combos is/are 79368 and 380.

* since 380 is sub of the larger combo ,combine 79368 into triads for your final pick.

6.Your hypothetical pick is 793,796,798,736,738,768,936,938,368.

play this for 3 consecquetive draws.

Final note: If you think the combo is too high for budget reasons, wait for next  reducer(next draw) or compare the two combos and pick common digits like 38 above( priority for digits selection is always up to down).If final combo at MOST 

3 digits then combine with the last drawn set ,i.e. 38/412 for this example.This very effective tool of cutting all the parameters of  lottology. The patterns combines the digits for you,all  u need to do is be patient and study time frame(mostly 3 draws for pick 3 and 5 for pick 4 for most states)of your game,keep to basics,keep it simple.Good Luck ,comments for ideal sharing is welcome,God Is always good!

Entry #14


FibonacciComment by Fibonacci - December 22, 2011, 11:01 am
Spreadsheet http://www.mediafire.com/?f3mpxr2m12knxtf

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