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Where to Start


Where to Start

Heavenletter #263 Published on: July 19, 2001
God said:

When things do not go right in your estimation, you were expecting something else. I have told you not to expect, but I do tell you to look ahead. Looking ahead is different from expecting. Start with what you want and how you want it, and work back from there.

If health is your issue, if you are in pain and bedridden, start from where you want to be, in good health and freed from your bed.

Don't start from where you are now. That will keep you where you are. That will keep you in the pain-ridden bed.

You must step out of your circumstances. In your mind, step out.

If you are working on a project, start from the end. Start from the finished project. What will it look like? How will you feel?

Always look at what you want and how you want it. This is not to be confused with always looking at the outcome! Looking at the outcome is doing something for a particular defined reward. It really is saying that something must turn out the way you want. That is not the same as a picture. Think of what you want. Keep it in mind. At the same time as you get busy creating it, you are letting the outcome go, for you become involved in the process.

Working from the end back to where you are now gets you out of outcome and expectation. It becomes the starting place rather than what must happen.

If you are a potter, you really don't start with the clay. You may not have an image or shape in mind, but you will have a sense of something wonderful happening to and from the clay in your hands.

When you take things step by step from the beginning, all the steps may seem arduous. Starting from the end and working backwards is starting from your desire.

Your desire will carry you. Starting from where you want to be takes you forward.

A pregnant woman looks forward to her baby. She already loves the baby. She may have loved it before it was physically conceived.

You are pregnant with ideas. Love them. And make them come true. But be not attached to the outcome.

The baby doesn't have to be a boy or a girl.

Your dream house may be different from the house you dreamed of.

You may have dreamed of stardom. Maybe you won't wind up on the movie screen or on Broadway or on tour, but you will carry stardom with you.

Keep your mind off problems. They can get along without you. And you certainly don't need to occupy yourself with them. They don't give you impetus. They wear you out instead.

Have I confused you? I tell you not to concern yourself with outcomes, and I tell you to start from where you want to be. You will get what I am saying.

You will have layers of desires.

Your ultimate desire is for Me. And you will have Me in full regalia. Our mutual desire pulls you to Me.

On the way to Me, you have other desires that inch or mile you toward Me.

And your desires along your way to Me may change. Fine. Then they have lived their purpose, and other new or long-lost desires will appear.

You will step over an horizon. Or many.

Keep looking up. Keep looking up at Me.

You have many of My desires to fulfill.

Keep Me in mind.

Sail with Me to the shore you seek, for it is the shore I chose for you.

Your desires are the oars of My boat, and they bring you quickly to Me.

Know why you do something. Know what you are going for. Know the dream you are going for. Know what is behind your dream. Know the deeper dream. It will be for more than your willfulness.

Remember that you do not need to prove anything. When you follow a path to prove something, you are not following your path. You are following someone else's.

You do not need to show anyone anything.

Let your desires be true to your heart. Let them be big enough. The desire itself is fulfillment. This is true what I say.

Desire and fulfillment are two ends of the same string. Within your desire is the fulfillment. Fulfillment without your desire is not fulfillment. It is spillage. It is leftovers.

You will have enough desires when you allow yourself them. Desires spring anew when they are welcomed. Be desireful, but not have to have a result. Have desires. Culture them. They will weave your life right up to Heaven.

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