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Some natural sleep ingredients


Last Edited: September 24, 2011, 1:48 pm

A list of some, but not all natural sleep ingredients, a person might want to use a search engine to learn more about each of them, some commercial products already have some of them.

Taking a multi B vitamin might take care of the B vitamins on the list.

Taking a multi vitamin might take care of all or most of the vitamins on the list.

Taking a multi vitamin + mineral formula might take care of all or most of the vitamins and minerals on the list.

You might find some of these at a supermarket, Target, K-Mart, Walmart or at a pharmacy.

Before taking anything you might want to talk to a doctor and or at least read all about the product(s), including indications, contra-indications dosages, etc.

All of these are for reference only, what you do or don't and how is all up to you including the resposibility for your actions.

I am not a doctor and I don't diagnose nor prescribe.

This is a more or less long list and other than for the vitamins and minerals the others if you want to you could try one of them each at a time and in small or normal dosages to start with and see what effect(s) if any they have on you, but some of them together might boost (increase) their effects.

First of all look for allergies if any and contra-indications for each of them to include even the vitamins and minerals.

Second you might not need to take any of them at all, in order to sleep, if so, then Why take them? So don't.

If really needed, then maybe 1 to 7 of such ingredients might perhaps be all that is needed, choose carefuly, it might be best to not use way too many of these together at least not in high doses and or for too long at a time, without "breaks" in between uses.

All or most of these should be harmless if normal dosages are used and if there are no allergies and or contra-indications, if in doubt talk to a doctor.

HOPS Flower powder (Humulus lupulus)
Lemon Balm
Valerian Root
Magnolia Bark
Passion Flower Herb
Green tea
Oatstraw powder (avena sativa)
Celery Seed powder
Catnip powder
Orange Peel powder
vitamin D
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12

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