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God Whispers in Your Heart


God Whispers in Your Heart

Heavenletter #1814 Published on: November 9, 2005
God said:

Dear Loves of Mine, dear Hearts, dear Friends, dear Seeking Souls, dear Harbors of Love, dear Faces that look Heavenward, dear those whose faith is strong and those whose faith is weak, those who stand before Me and those who would retreat, those who speak My Name, and those who do not, those who are unhappy, and those who are happy, those who give and those who take, those who sense great purpose, and those who feel none, those who walk at an even pace and those who falter, those who are neat and those who are messy, those who speak Truth and those who bear false witness, those who lead and those who follow, those who give blessings and those who curse, those who savor life and those who disdain it, those who give life, and those who take it, those who go astray, those who lead others astray, those in the prime of youth, and those in the prime of age, those caught in time and those caught in space, every single one of you is My child, and every single one of you I addres s. It is your eyes I look into. It is your eyes I would flutter open. It is your eyes I would moisten with love. It is into your heart I would pour sweet cream. It is to you I whisper, and it is to you I whisper sweet love.

Do you really imagine that I leave anyone out? Do you really think I pick and choose who is to be My beloved and who is to not? I made a choice before your birth, and my choice was to love all. That was the choice I wanted, so I gave it to Myself. It is you who makes other choices. It is you who calls yourself by names other than love. Not I. I know your name and I call you by it.

Sometimes you turn your head as if someone had called to you. I am always calling to you. I whisper in your heart. I call your name.

You are My Divine Love, yet you think you have failed. You think you are without love, or that you have given it only sporadically and received little back. Any way you look at it, you may feel you have failed at life. With that presentiment, you removed Me from your sight. You abandoned the Garden, and said I sent you out.

I would not dismiss you. I would not evict you. I would welcome you. I do welcome you. I usher you into Heaven. I take Heaven to you. You do not believe Me because you do not believe in yourself. You think you are a forsaken self only because you have forsaken yourself. You put other Gods before Me, and you put other Gods before you.

Come back, come back, Eternal Child. Rest your feet, soothe your brow, come drink of the water I offer you. Come, be lighted with the light I offer you. Come, be touched by the touch I give you. Come, be heartened by the heart I give you. Come here. Bring everyone with you.

You cannot come alone. There is no sneaking in. There is only entry for everyone. That has to be so. There is no one I would leave out. No one. But you would. You would assign places. You would put some first and some last and some, if left to you, you would never admit.

That is the difference between us, beloveds. You hold fast to the concept of sin whereas I hold fast to the concept of love. Let go of your concepts and accept Mine. Enter Heaven with Me now. Welcome all as I do welcome all. Come now.

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