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What Are Disagreements?


What Are Disagreements?

Heavenletter #1522 Published on: January 18, 2005
God said:

There really are not disagreements of hearts. There are disagreements of words. Your heart wants agreement, for your heart knows that anything less than unity is untrue. The heart always seeks truth. Oneness is truth. Unity is truth. Love is truth.

So what if someone's words are not the words you would like? Beloveds, if there were no words, you would have more familiarity with the peace of Oneness. Ideas would not be expressed in words. Ideas would pass from heart to heart. Ideals would be lived. Try being mute for one day and notice the sweetness that swells in your heart.

Love is beyond words, isn't it? And yet We have language made of sounds called words. Sweet words can pump the love in your heart, and your heart surges with love unbounded. Cold words numb your heart. May all the words you speak and all the words you hear be sweet. Let words come from your heart and not from ego with all its fanfare.

Trees do not speak in words. Nor do sunrises and sunsets. Nor do oceans. Nor do babies. All the beautiful expressions of nature speak to you without words, and you know you are blessed. Communicate the way nature does. You too are part of nature. Communicate like music without lyrics.

Words can become swords that stab your heart. Better to be wordless than fight with words.

Because you are in the physical, the physical takes offense. You don't think your soul does, do you? Your soul isn't dense. Your soul doesn't come up against walls and words. Your soul knows its Oneness with all souls in Heaven and on Earth. Your soul sees far, and your soul hears all the music of the universe. It doesn't listen to static the way you do.

These moments of your life immersed in the world are precious. Even though you sometimes dismiss life in general and your life in particular, life is precious to you. You would kiss your life if you knew how. In the world and in words, there are stories, and you love stories, and you love the story of your life. You love the intertwining of lives. You love its entertainment. Whatever you may say, you love life with all its attributes, light and shadow. You love that you are, and you love your Being. You love the opportunity of life that you have. You wouldn't have missed it for anything.

Life, as you have lived it, has been either too short or too long. In any case, this brief span on Earth in your body is a precious time. It behooves you to spend this life on a grand scale. Little spurts of disagreement are not fitting for one such as you. You are meant for greater than argument. You are meant for commingling of hearts.

Would you perhaps consider that you are an official greeter at a party called Life? Everyone who enters the ballroom, you welcome. And everyone who leaves, you send them away with something, a gift, a hope, a blessing, and an insatiable desire to return to your presence.

I have appointed you to be a Greeter of the Universe. You greet on My behalf. I dubbed you an Ambassador of Love. You are an ambassador to the hearts of all Human Beings.

You are not only a Greeter of the Universe on My behalf. You are the one who greets Me as well. You greet Me no matter what form I appear to be in. Greet Me well, beloveds. Greet Me now.

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