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God's Awareness and Yours


God's Awareness and Yours

Heavenletter #892 Published on: March 29, 2003
God said:

It is true that you may expect too much of others and are frequently or always disappointed. It is better not to expect anything of others, but you already know that. But here is what you may not know: you expect too much of yourself.

All this time, you thought you were lazy. You thought you didn't begin to do enough or accomplish enough, and now I tell you that you have expected too much of yourself right along. You have asked too much of yourself in terms of the world.

So lean back a little, and recline in that place where you recall to mind that what you do, you do for Me. You don't do it for accolades. You don't do it for success. You don't do it for outcomes. You do it — everything — for Me. You are on earth altogether for Me.

Knowing this, you ease up on yourself. You don't whip yourself any longer. All you need to do is to remember that you work for Me.

Among other things, this realization and the remembrance of it keep you in the present. Recognition that all you do you do for Me keeps you in still waters. It is the world, your expectations of it, and its expectations of you, that agitate you.

I stir, but never agitate.

You are into doing, accomplishing, achieving, succeeding, outdoing, impressing. I am much more into the heart of things, the heart of you, and the heart of life. I am not an executive as you use the word. Getting things done is not at the top of My list. Or, rather, let Me say I know how to get things done, and I know it is not by effort.

When I created the universe, I breathed in and I breathed out — I did not huff and puff. When I created the universe, I breathed life into it. It came alive itself.

And so when you have projects, do not get held in the sway of them. They are not the motivators of you. You are the motivators of them.

Drive is not what gets things done. Desire gets things done. Intention gets things done. Force doesn't get things done. Pressure doesn't get things done. Easy does it.

Hard work is not the determinant in your life. Hard work is not the power of life.

I am not telling you not to do anything. You who are in life on earth don't just sit still. Perhaps We could say that the work you do is a result. All the while, you were looking for a preconceived return.

You in life are on a train ride. That you are on the train means you are going somewhere. You may find you are not going in the destination you had in mind. Well, then, perhaps it is your mind that has to change.

Perhaps you wanted to go to Cincinnati, and you are disappointed to find you are not. But you may find that you are being rerouted in circuitous ways, and when you get there, you are in Paris. You were traveling there all the while. The route just was not known to you.

The projects in life that grip you are always more than you think. That is the same as to say that your thoughts have not been big enough. You set out for a specified thing to happen, and are disappointed when it does not, but a greater thing is going to happen. Even in terms of the worldly, it is. Yet your destination at any point in time, no matter how wonderful, how magnificent, how sought-after is little next to what I have in mind for you.

Meanwhile, whatever you are embarked on, keep in mind that you are embarked on it on behalf of the One Who created you and Who is this minute and always aware of you.

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