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The Course of Life


The Course of Life

Heavenletter #1080 Published on: October 6, 2003
God said:

Life on earth from your vantage is not always or even usually fair. Therefore, it must be so that justice is not the point of life.

Truth is that you are in the Eternal. There is no aberration nor fluctuation in the Eternal.

Justice and injustice are judgments, for something in life has not befallen as you would have it. Because of your judgment, you do not know what to do but suffer. You consider the unfairness in life has caused you suffering. You have perhaps seen no alternative.

But this is what I want to say to you: Your aim in life is not to avoid or dismantle suffering. Naturally, you don't want to have it, but that is not your purpose in life any more than perpetual happiness is.

Avoidance or abstinence is not why you are given to earth.

Consciousness is not something you are to prove, to yourself or to others. It is not viable to count your state of consciousness by the state of your suffering or good fortune. It is good to count your blessings, but that is not the same as chalking them up. A chart of your comfort and discomfort are not a record of your consciousness. How you are doing in life may not indicate how you are doing in life.

Often what you call suffering is longing. Longing can move you forward. It can also hold you back.

What you do with your life is what you do with your life. Your fortune is in your hands. You name it good or bad.

What is the value in thinking of it as bad?

Good and bad are two words to throw out of your vocabulary. Comparisons in life divide life.

Consider there is life, not good life nor bad life. Life.

I well understand the pain that comes from loss of a child, for example, through a court decision or illness or any reason.

As much as you can, dwell on the love rather than the perceived loss. What you call loss can be gain. Let it open your heart, and it is gain.

We come back, again and again, to the fact that your life is not for you alone. Maybe it is not even for you at all. Maybe there is no "your life". Maybe you are a linchpin. Maybe you are a stitch in the embroidery. Always a beloved stitch.

Know this: You are energy. You are light. You are a surge in life. Surge yourself forward in life, and surge yourself upward. Look not back.

If you are a wave in the ocean, you are surrounded by waves.

If you are a ship in the sea, you pass other ships, and other ships pass you. You do not weep because a ship is set on another course. You blink your lights and say hello. Goodbye is not meant to be sadder than hello.

In any case, be the sun that sparkles the sea.

In terms of your particular life, be a fly on the wall, and you will be less attached to what occurs and will not take it so personally. You will observe.

You are in the midst of a great story, this story of life. It is a serial. It is made of episodes. It is contiguous. Like waves, every story is connected to every other. You cannot trace that connection, but you can know it is there.

It has been said that there are no coincidences. We could also say that all is co-incidence. All is entwined, and nothing is accidental. But a wave goes up, and a wave comes down so that it may gain momentum and go up again.

And you are rising.

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