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The Beat of Love


The Beat of Love

Heavenletter #1704 Published on: July 20, 2005
God said:

In the relative, the world is always with us. To be in the world but not of it truly reveals a state of consciousness. You are not too good for the world but nor are you tossed hither and yon by it.

Presently the world makes a mountain out of a molehill. And there are many molehills.

Would wars exist otherwise? In what soil could they grow? In the certitude of peace, what flames can there be to fan?

Know that it is possible to live in the world and not tremble in your boots. Even in an earthquake, it is possible for you to be serene. That takes not so much strength as it takes awareness. The body is frail, but your Being is not only great but greater than everything else.

You are a model for others. What is it you model ? Do you model fear? The speed of anger? Or do you see differently from the madding crowd? Do you perhaps actually see?

I do not speak of an act to be put on. This is not merely best foot forward, though best foot forward is wonderful. To even think about best foot forward is wonderful.

I am speaking about reacting to what you see. What do you see? When a firecracker goes off, do you see a firecracker or a bomb? Do you see friend or foe? That which you see, you gather to you. What would you like to gather to you?

When in situations seemingly not of your making, ask yourself: “If I were an all-wise all-loving person, how would I handle this? Would I handle it head-on? Would I be creative? Would I say or do something I have never said or done before? Would I lift someone else’s consciousness, or keep them where they are?”

Is there anyone who would not like to be a bright light to the world? So, then, why isn’t everyone a bright light? Why is there such sturm and drang in the world?

Do people choose upset and aggravation? Do they like to fight? Against what do they fight? What is it they want to win? What is it they are trying to prove?

The next time you are ready to put your dukes up, consider that the Being across from you is I. Then wouldn’t you put your fists down? Would you take another look? Is it possible that all your anger and frustration would melt? No matter how angry you might be with Me, face to face with Me, all your anger would melt. You who have been angry with Me have been angry at what you see as My non-presence.

But here I am before you in the guise of a Human Being, and now what do you do? And what do you have to say? How big was the situation before you, and how big is it now? Where did it go? What changed it? With a thought of Me, you changed it, beloveds. You are a receptacle and dispenser of animosity or an eraser of it.

You are My messenger or you are My interloper. You further My message or you tear it up and substitute your own. You follow My Will or you make up one of the world’s.

You waste time or you make time count. You jump on Eternity or you get caught by the hands of the clock. You do somersaults or you drag your feet.

You are meant to be fleet of foot. You are meant to be Mercury Who delivers My messages with speed. My message is infallible. It is to love. Transcend your fears and anger. You can get out of them. Once out of them, you will once again find the love that surpasseth all understanding. Of course, you have to get beyond the understandings of the world or you perpetuate them.

Choose to light the world, beloveds. Enough dimming. Turn the lights on now full-blast. Here, press your heart to Mine, and feel the beat of love.

Entry #52


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