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Out of Judgment


Out of Judgment

Heavenletter #236 Published on: June 22, 2001
God said:

Think of Me as God on Earth. Think of Me as God on Earth more than you think of Me as God in Heaven. Wherever I am is Heaven. Wherever you are is Heaven as well, if you only but knew. What if I were to tell you that the only Reality is Heaven? All else is false. All else is folly.

You were put on Earth to find Heaven. That is your simple task. Don't make it hard. Make it easy.

First, release judgment as a concept. All that you judge comes to pass in your own life. Judging is a kind of marriage. Your sneering is an invitation to that which you judge. It is as if you say:

"I choose you, that which I disdain. I may disdain you, but in so doing, I mark you as mine. I put a check mark on you that says you are mine and we will meet again. You will come back to me. You will enter my life until I discharge that which I have kept. What I have kept is my judgment. You will come back to me in my life to help me release my judgment. I judged the holder of you, and that is how I made you mine. I judged the holder of you for having you, and you will find me in order to displace my judgment. Judgment is a kind of sinking low. I may think it raises me, but I am pushing another down. In order to do so, I go down with him.

"I will have no judgments left. How much can I see when I am filled with judgment? How long can I hold on to my judgments? How soon will I erase my judgments and replace them with the neutrality of naturalness?

"I keep judging things. I categorize. I say, 'This is good and that bad.' And so I mark a line between Heaven and Earth. I divide them in my mind. I push away and I pull. But that which I push away finds me later.

"Must I become wise before I can be simple? Is wisdom merely the unlearning of previous ways of looking until I have no way of looking but only innocence? Is God the most innocent of all?

"Somewhere beneath all my judgment lies innocence. I dig for it.

"I have called God a judger and held Him in judgment. When I allow God to be the Friend and Lover of mankind that He is, then perhaps I too will be without judgment.

"I do not need to settle scores. I do not need to make things right. I need to just be, and being has no judgment.

"Judging assumes certain things, or it would not judge. It is those assumptions I must let go of. It is my past thinking I must let go of. My past thoughts have been judgments. I long to be relieved of the past!

"But judgments are passing things, and they have outlived their usefulness. Their usefulness was to teach me, not another.

"Now I teach myself God. I kneel before You so that I may see. I kneel before You so that I may receive. I kneel before You so that I may do honor to Your creation.

"How could I have been so ungrateful for what You have created?

"You gave to me without thought of judgment. You never judged me. You never found me wanting. You blessed me.

"Perhaps blessings are an expression of nonjudgment, and that is how You are such a Blessor and Blessing.

"When did judgment come so much into play? I do not remember when I donned the robes of judges, but I remove them now. Neither judged nor judger do I wish to be.

"I wish to be farseeing like You, God. I don't want my narrowness any longer. It constricts me. I want to be free like You. I want to free others from my chains of judgment. My judgments are my constraints, and so now I free myself from them. I have been chained to my judgments, and now I take them off and put them down. I am a wayfarer and not a judger.

"That which I consumed has consumed me. And now I ask for Your blessing as I venture on a judgeless path."

And I show you the way. As in all things, I show you the way. Come with Me.

Entry #61


topazz28Comment by topazz28 - October 4, 2011, 11:26 pm
This is a powerful letter! We all judge others and ourselves so quickly.......I am really going to let that go.
Judgement I release you from my life now. Father God I thank you for your blessing as I venture on this judgeless path.      Amen

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