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Choose Freedom


Choose Freedom

Heavenletter #1289 Published on: May 29, 2004
God said:

You are a seeker of freedom. You long for it. Not only those in prison long for freedom. Everyone does. What you seek is freedom from intervention. You don't want someone telling you what you can and cannot do. You don't want to be chained anywhere to any degree. You want to come and go as you please. You don't want to be limited by anything. You want the freedom of wealth and the freedom to make any choice you wish. Alas, the world does not always give you the freedom you desire.

There is one freedom that is yours, guaranteed, and that is the freedom to love. How much, when, where, how — that is up to you. Regardless of circumstance, this is your choice. Of course, you have the freedom to despair, retaliate, give up, cry, moan, but never are you without the choice to love.

Of course, you do not see love as a choice. You probably see love as something that arises in some situations and not in others. There are circumstances under which you cannot even imagine feeling love. Beloveds, if you find yourself in an unwieldy situation and you cannot direct love to others, then at least give some love to yourself. Rather than give yourself despair or anger, reward yourself with love. If you were to live life with your best interest in mind, what would you give to yourself? And that which you give to yourself, can you not share it with another?

In unwieldy situations, who needs love more than one who withholds it? Is not their avowed distance from love a sure sign that they need more of it? If you are not to be stingy with love, then what can you do but give it? Obviously, We are not talking about hugs and kisses. We are talking about silent intention. Intention is a direction, and silently you pause a moment and let your attention fall on love. Locate your heart of love. It has to still be there.

The secret to that cove of love in your heart is to remember Me. Do not project your anger onto the other or Me. Instead, project love. Accept My love. Your heart can step out of the shade into the sunlight of My love.

You are not to fake love. No, never. Pretense of love is a dismissal of love, and never would I advise you to dismiss love. I ask you to truly admit to the love that is in your heart.

The love in your heart knocks on its walls, asking to be let out. You who may feel imprisoned in life have imprisoned your heart. There is no one to cast blame on for what you do with your heart of love. You are the only one who can thwart your heart. You are the only one who can free it.

Your heart is greater than any circumstance. Your heart is the greatest thing in the world, and it must be freed of any bonds you have put on it. You have a heart. You cannot be heartless.

Less than love is bogus. Love can shine through anything, everything. It must shine through, or life would be but a tennis match. You are one who rises above circumstances. That means finding love in your own heart, no matter what, even when love from another is denied you.

Until you love, do not kid yourself that you are doing the best you can. The best you can do is to love.

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