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The Height at Which You Stand


The Height at Which You Stand

Heavenletter #1607 Published on: April 13, 2005
God said:

Life is to be lived more than it is decided. Decisions are often made ahead of the event. Once made, they may be made again and changed. Regrets are decisions made after the fact. Do not stir old food in your plate. Do not replay the cards you played yesterday. Do not relive your life. When you reach a certain corner, you are there. No need to retrace your steps. No need to agonize now over whether to go left or right or straight. It doesn't matter, beloveds. You are with Me whichever direction you choose.

To your mind, decisions are weighty. You think everything in life is consequential. You believe in the alphabet. You believe that each step is crucial to the next. You believe in logic.

All any choice means is that you did not take another. The whole course of your life is not changed because of one thing or another, although you may think so.

You could have made totally different decisions and you would still wind up exactly where you are now. You cannot determine ahead of time nor afterwards what led to what. Or, if you make such determinations, you have no way of knowing they are so. You can only second-guess.

Perhaps all paths are the golden brick road. No matter how undulated seeming, no matter how bumpy, perhaps the road you traveled is the same as the one untraveled. Perhaps you are exactly at the right place right at this moment now.

You have planted yourself where you will grow. You can only grow. And you can only grow from where you are now. Make fewer evaluations. The object of life is not quality control. It is not to control at all. You walk along in life. In practical terms, you don't control the wayside. You do not hammer at life. You do not use nails. You build your life with joists that spring up. We can say you discover life. Certainly, you perceive it.

How you perceive life is your choice. Perception isn't foisted on you. Or, if it is, you have the choice of accepting it or not. Your free will extends to perception. You may have fooled yourself with your perception. In fact, you have.

Climb another rung in the ladder, and you will see more clearly. The higher you climb, the more clearly you see. The higher you climb, the more clearly you will see Me. Even though I am everywhere and can be seen everywhere, you are the one who sees from the height at which you stand.

The relative world is the relative world. The corner you stand on may be wonderful or not wonderful. But counting your blessings is not old-fashioned. The more you count them, the more they multiply. Do not dismiss the power of your attention. What you make of things is what you make of things.

Desire to appreciate your life. Desire to have the appreciation right now. Your life depends upon your appreciation of it. You will bring your desires to you. Just the way you go to the supermarket and pick out what you want, request of life what you appreciate. See that it has already been delivered to you. You have say over what you desire and what you appreciate. This is the road you are on.

Entry #69


topazz28Comment by topazz28 - October 7, 2011, 2:36 am
This is a very powerful heavenletter! I was just talking to someone about this same subject and I was so excited to find this. "You could have made totally different decisions and you would still wind up exactly where you are now!"Knowing that God is with me whichever way I turn is the point! exhale..........

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