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You Will Think in New Ways


You Will Think in New Ways

Heavenletter #3053 Published on: April 4, 2009
God said:

There is that angle of thought that all illness comes from the mind. There is much truth in that, yet, in terms of day to day life, it is not so clear nor must it be, beloveds. There is more to illness than meets the eye. There is more to everything than meets the eye.

I have told you to disengage yourself from thinking about cause. There is the sense in which there is no cause. Consider, if there is no past, there can be no cause. When there is no prior, how can there be an after? There is simply whatever is right now.

In terms of relative life, certainly one thing seems to lead to another. In relative life you see cause and effect. If you put a lighted match to a cigarette, the cigarette will burn. If you put red nail polish on your nails, your nails will be red. If you work at a job, you get paid. On that premise, if you don't work, you don't get paid. If you climb a tree and fall, if you hadn't climbed the tree, you wouldn't have fallen from it, and so on. The proof of cause in the realm of relative life is endless.

In the larger realms of life such as love and health and life itself, I advise you to stay away from seeking cause. Is that not looking back to the past? If you perceive illness, now seek health. If your love life falls apart, move on. Pointing to cause becomes blame. Blame comes from judgment. Stay away from judgment. Judge not yourself nor another. Do not come to conclusions. By and large, there is no attributable cause. Or if there is a cause, it is life. If you were not in a body, you would not have an illness of the body.

When it comes to health, there are so many contributing factors, and yet nothing tells the whole story. Why this person? Why does one person have hearty health, and another person does not? It is not so simple.

Your mind is not the only mind that affects you. There is the mind of man. There is mass consciousness. When the world becomes as it will become, disease will not exist. There will be no place for it. No one will think of illness. When illness is erased from the mind of man, illness will be erased from the face of the Earth.

What do you think I have been saying when I say that your thoughts affect even those 5,000 miles away? Everyone's thoughts contribute. Some contribute health, and some contribute illness.

Have I not told you to change your thoughts? Think of what you think! No longer think that germs cause illness. Do you understand me? Believe in Me, beloveds, more than you believe in germs. Put your faith where you want it to be. Indeed, have as much faith in health as you have in illness. Think of health and forget about illness. Let Me see you dance around the Maypole.

Lean toward happy emotions. Everyone must be aware that anger is not great for health. Everyone must be aware that joy and love are very good for health. Gravitate toward what you desire. And when you find yourself angry, forgive yourself and find something else to look at.

Think for yourself, beloved. Believe in yourself enough to think your own thoughts. And when your own thoughts are not useful, then find useful thoughts. Deep down inside yourself, you will find them. And I will whisper in your ear, and you will think in new ways.

Entry #77


TenajComment by Tenaj - October 9, 2011, 11:18 pm
Thank you for these again Topazz.   There is simply whatever is right now. When? right now.
topazz28Comment by topazz28 - October 9, 2011, 11:43 pm
You are so welcome tenag! As I truly take to heart what God is saying to me in these letters my day is started way before I get out of the bed. When I arise I have a different song in my heart. I deal with things that I know are facing me in a very positive and more liberating way. The way that I have looked and do look at things literally has changed. I see me in a different light and yes it helps to know that I can see me the way that God sees me. The reality is that I can only deal with right now, not back then, not back there. I am blessed right now!! Stay Blessed.

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