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The Wellspring of Gratitude


The Wellspring of Gratitude

Heavenletter #404 Published on: December 1, 2001
God said:

Gratitude is a well that springs up within you. It is recognition of all that I bestow upon you. No matter from which hand good reaches you, it comes from Me.

I do not need the credit. I do not need your thanks. But you need to be true and give your thanks in the rightful place.

What matters is that you do not put other gods before Me. All men on earth act for Me, and any gift they give is from Me. They pass it on. But your allegiance must go to Me before any man because you are now a dealer in Truth. You need no intermediary. Although everyone in the world is an intermediary, your reliance belongs with Me, the Author of all intermediaries.

There is a tiny thread of falsity in gratitude to man, for there is a knowing in your heart Whose hand to kiss, and now you can only be true to the knowing of your heart, and also true to the heart of the ones you give gratitude to. They sense that your gratitude belongs not with them. They too know that it is from Me that all blessings come. They know they are incidental. They are instruments. They are acting at My behest. They are not instrumental.

I am the reservoir of gratitude.

You do not thank rain for falling on a dry field. You appreciate the rain, but you know that the rain did not send itself. You are grateful that rain came, and you know that the rain came from above. You know from where showers of blessings come.

Gratitude is different from love. Gratitude to other Humans is a bowing down, and you bow down to no man. I am talking about in your heart.

There is no disparity in love. Love shines, and you shine it back. Gratitude to man has a certain subservience, and you are not subservient to any man.

When trouble comes, you walk on. You do not spend your energy shaking your fist at it. Just so, when great good comes, you tip your hat and walk on.

Gratefulness to man can become stagnant. You have experienced that. It is not wonderful to be the giver of gratitude nor the receiver of it. I can accommodate your gratitude. No one else can. And you are a dealer in Truth now. Let the bubbling of your love fall everywhere, and your thanks to Me.

The best you can say to another is: Thank God for you. The best another can say to you is: Thank God for you.

Love and truth swell you. Gratitude does not.

Step right up to Me and give Me your thanks, for that is where they belong. That is the truth of it.

If you find a penny on the street, it is I Who left it there for you. No other. This is not a mystery. This is the basis of life. It is the same when you find a diamond or rubies on the street.

Any treasure on earth is from Me. I sent it to you.

And your gratitude for the treasure goes to Me. That keeps your back straight. That keeps you on track.

The giver and the receiver are One. The receiver gives a gift in receiving. One side of the gift is not greater than another. It is yourself you have brought back. It is I you serve, and it is I you thank.

The good that comes to you is your due. There is more good that has come to you than you know.

Be a great giver and a great receiver, for they are the same. You give only to yourself, and you receive only yourself, and for that power, you thank God Who made you in His image as a great receiver and great giver.

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