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New Eyes


New Eyes

Heavenletter #916 Published on: April 24, 2003
God said:

You cannot take great strides and find fault at the same time. Which would you rather?

You may not feel that it is your choice to find fault or not to find it, but whose choice is it? Is it the choice of the environment? Is it the choice of the person you find fault with? He would rather that you found something else in him.

Is it the choice of your upbringing? Is your faultfinding something you just shrug your shoulders at? Is it inevitable that you will be displeased? Is that what you choose? Is that your stance?

I am not suggesting that you pretend. I am not suggesting that you push away or cover up what you find disagreeable. I am not suggesting that you close your eyes. I am trying to encourage you to see what else also is there which perhaps can take precedence.

When someone holds their hand up, you can see the fingers or you can see the space in between the fingers. You can be stopped short or look far. You can reverse the fine tuning of your sight and therefore your heart. Where has your emphasis of seeing been? Where do you choose to put it?

Have the intention to see what is worth seeing, and you will see more of it. It is like this: If you are looking for a certain street, you are more likely to find it than if you were not looking for it.

Unless you choose another street, it is likely that you will follow your same route. Obviously, unless you choose another street, it is unlikely that you will walk on it.

Choose your destination, and you will go there. You do not have to stay on the same street corner, waiting for others to give you a hand-out. You are not at the mercy of what comes by. Be not derelict in choosing what matters to you.

No one would prefer to be dismayed rather than overjoyed. Yet it may be that you prepare yourself for dismay more than joy.

Sometimes you believe it is smart to pick out the flaw, as if you are a stalker and you take delight in finding prey to pounce on.

Now stalk that which gives joy to your heart.

Predict your delight.

What would you like to find on your walk through today? Be on the outlook for it.

Instead of thinking what annoyance is going to come to you, or what a pain this or that is or will continue to be, set your sights differently. Look for what will add to your heart's wealth. You have had enough to detract from it.

Distract yourself. Set out on a different journey of discovery. Count and court the lovelinesses today.

When someone gives you a silver dollar that is tarnished, your heart can point out the silver just as well as the tarnish.

Put on different goggles.

Coins hold both heads and tails. All you have to do is turn a coin over to see the other side. When something unlovely seems to assault you, view it from another way.

What goodness and beauty have you been withholding from yourself? Must what has already been continue?

What you see is not up to anyone but you. The speck is in your own eye.

This is a wonderful thing to know, because now you can remove it.

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