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You Are a Giver of God


You Are a Giver of God

Heavenletter #866 Published on: March 4, 2003
God said:

Everyone at every moment is a beginner in life. Life has never ever been before what it is at this moment. You ad lib your whole life long. You live it by the seat of your pants. You are not a master of life. You are a participant in it. Yet you do get better at it. What you get better at is letting go.

Heretofore, you have been trying to stem life or divert it from its course. All the things that you have thought life ought to be, little by little, you find yourself letting go your directorship of. You drop the reins. And, as you do, it is life itself you engage in more, not less.

You begin to feel glad to see everyone who crosses your path. Like life, they may not be everything you want them to be, and yet your heart greets them with joy. They are there before you, and you are there before them, and you want to make their life a little easier, softer. To do that, all that is needed is your greeting of them. For the few moments they stand before you, you treat them like the king or queen they are. For a moment, you honor their presence, and you give them your full attention. And so you become the king or queen who so graciously welcomes the throng. They have come before you because you have something to give them. Even a nod gives them a sense of importance.

You have begun to know that their presence in your life, no matter how momentary, is important, for I have sent them to you for their upliftment — and yours.

For a moment, you give a little peace to someone, a little contentment, a little hope that maybe there is something to life after all, and that they are worth noting. What a little thing to do for another passenger on the ship of life! What a simple way to make their journey more comfortable! All you did was throw a crumb of yourself their way.

Heretofore, you have held on to yourself, keeping your feet tight on the ground, and your arms tight around yourself. Now you give yourself more. That doesn't mean you give yourself away. It means giving a little of what is yours to give. A little of your beneficence for the solace of another.

There is no one who cannot use a droplet of your silent awareness. And everyone who comes to you, that is what they want. The business dealings and so on are just an excuse to come before you and be blessed by being in your company.

When you give a particle of your attention to another, your posture changes. That is when you begin to reach your full stature. Then you are doing what you are meant to do. How good that feels to know that you are a messenger of love for Me and that that is what you are capable of. That is all you are capable of. There is nothing greater to be capable of.

What are all your accomplishments next to one act of your simply being a friend to man, whoever he is, whatever he looks like, and whatever your occupation is?

Be you a beggar, still a giver be. Be you the nabob, you are also holding your hand out, wanting a token of God. And so it is I, God, that you bequeath upon all you meet.

In truth, it is yourself that you meet. There is no else to meet. There is no one else there. And so I tell you to be good to yourself and all the representations of yourself. Be very good indeed.

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