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You Are a Grower of Love


You Are a Grower of Love

Heavenletter #3982 Published on: October 20, 2011

In your dreams while you are asleep, I have sent you the message that you are here on Earth to benefit all whom you meet. All. No exceptions. I have sent you the message that you are not here for yourself. Oh, yes, you will benefit as well, yet what in life accrues to you is a by-product. What accrues to you is not your purpose.

Now, to serve others best and, therefore, Me, respect your life and your energy. I do not tell you to coddle others, but nor do I tell you to coddle yourself.

Think of Me. Don't forget Me, yet do not harp on Me to others. You found Me. Others will find Me as well. They have their journey, and you have yours. At the same time, your journey is to give solace to the world and the people who live in, have lived in it, will live in it.

Your legacy has to be love. This is all you have to bequeath, now, past, and future. Love is eternal, yet it is for you to extend it. Be you the reminder of love. Be you the reminder of Me, not in words, but in your realization of love.

So many of My children seek enlightenment and higher states of consciousness. Seek them not for yourself but for your blessing upon others.

You have the idea by now that there are no others. It is not yet possible for you to fully savor that way of looking at the world, for you see much to belie that idea. Nevertheless, who is before you, perceived friend or foe, is also an embodiment of Me which you are as well. I tell you to pay attention to how well you embody Me and therefore how well you uplift everyone you meet and everyone you don't meet.

You have embarked on a journey for Me. I multiplied Myself in you. I put My trust in you to give Me to the world. As My representative, you are on Earth to represent Me, certainly not your smallness. To represent Me, you rise above your smallness, another name for which is ego. Get your ego out of the way. It is in your way, beloveds.

Ego is a hold-over from the past. Ego is a hold-over from your past thinking which has included the idea that you are by yourself and must fend for yourself whether it is to the happiness of others or not. I am telling you now that you are to play a part in the happiness of others. You already do play a key part in the happiness or unhappiness of others. So, then, you might say that your own happiness is a requirement. You are not wrong there. At the same time, your happiness does not come from pandering to yourself. Your happiness comes, not from neglect of yourself, but on forgetting yourself. Forget your importance. Self-importance isn't the topic of the day. Self-importance is another name for ego. Ego is not important. Ego is unimportant. Sorry, ego, that is the true state of affairs.

Ego is the least important aspect of human life. Ego is inconsequential. Your ego is inconsequential. Your ego is a waste of time. Your ego is a waste of life. It is a waste of your attention.

Nor are you here to salvage others' egos. Of course not. You do not pander to your own ego nor do you pander to another's ego. Uplifting another's spirit is not the same as encouraging their ego. Uplifting others is giving others a truer picture of themselves. It is ennobling them. It is not from ego that you uplift another. It is from love, and from love grows love. You are a grower of love.

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