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Faith, Miracles, and Christ


Faith, Miracles, and Christ

Heavenletter #89 Published on: January 26, 2001
God said:

When you release your attachment to ideas, you release yourself to Me. You come closer. Do you see? Attachment is resistance. As you resist less, you let go, and so you relax, and where is relaxation but with Me?

Your holding, gripping, and clutching on to the events and locations and people of the world means you have let go of Me. I do not tell you to abandon the world. I tell you to let go of your hold on it, or its hold on you. Do not tug the world or the people in it. Leave them to their own orbit. Release your hold because, unless you do, you are bound to that which you hold.

What do you want to be bound to? Others? Your ideas? What can hold more, the hand or the heart? And the heart holds by not holding. The heart must free in order to be itself free.

When you are free, you are with Me.

You do not need to hold on to Me, for I hold you.

When you can let go of your supposed hold on Me, you have faith. Faith is knowing you can let go of your grip even on Me.

Often My children have thought of Me as their whip to crack. It's so, isn't it? You have wanted Me to dance to your tune. You have wanted Me to obey.

Let go of that wearying control, and then you are Christ. Then you are My Will. Then you know no other.

It is ego alone that has needs. Very needy is ego, for it is nothing and has nothing but its attachment to you. All you hold onto on earth is food for your ego. But your ego is not soul. And your ego is not you. You have no need for ego. You have need for awareness. As your awareness grows, your ego can only flee, and you are free from it and all that it consumes, and then you are free, and then you have lighted Our Oneness, and you, who are always in My awareness, become My awareness too.

What are miracles but the absence of ego?

What are miracles but everyday occurrences that arise from themselves without your input? They are surprises. The word miracles has to do with what you see. There have been many unseen miracles, not taken note of, not observed but overlooked.

You do not like it when I say that all of life is a miracle, because you want MIRACLES. You want sudden happenings out of the ordinary. But I tell you that nothing is ordinary but your perception.

What does this have to do with you?

It is advice to open your eyes a little more.

There are no little miracles. Because they are everyday does not mean they are of no account.

See the little miracles, and they will grow into breath-taking splendors. And then you will see that there is only the splendor of life as it is, and that it is miracle.

You are one of My miracles.

You are one of the wonders of the world.

And the greatest wonder is that you don't accept that.

You would rather accept lack than fullness.

I tell you that you are full.

You are full of My love.

You only think you are your own personality, but you are not that fragileness.

Your personality is a digression.

You digress from Me.

Christ did not perform miracles.

He allowed them.

He had recognition, not doubt.

Least of all did he doubt his worth to Me.

He was not concerned with himself to even spend time doubting. He had work to do in service to Me, and his eyes were on Me and not himself. That was his service. And service is honor. He was knighted by angels to work for Me. And so have you been. You simply haven't noted the tap on your shoulder.

And what is it you have to do?

Not much.

Think of Me. Walk in My light. Be true to yourself. Follow your heart to Me. Stop following other things. When you follow your heart to Me, you lead. You follow, and you lead. Following and leading are inseparable, as We are inseparable. Look at Me, and know your truth.

Entry #125


Comment by CashWinner$ - October 28, 2011, 11:23 am
"What are miracles but the absence of ego"?

"What are miracles but everyday occurrences that arise from themselves without your input? They are surprises. The word miracles has to do with what you see. There have been many unseen miracles, not taken note of, not observed but overlooked".

Beautiful! And so true - Perspective comes 2 mind, w/out a doubt.

Comment by gb943 - October 28, 2011, 5:33 pm

It, is a beautiful things, to go to this site, and see. that ,there are such beauty, and encouragement,

I really, enjoy reading, what you write.   GB943 ,Queen ,NY   Home town Clinton, NC

topazz28Comment by topazz28 - October 28, 2011, 8:18 pm
Soooooo Good to hear from you all. I am so glad to know that others are enjoying this blog and are encouraged by the heavenletters just as I am. They are so beautiful and reach right into the heart of me. A lot of the time I am posting letters/subjects that God is dealing with me about and so I share. Be blessed and thanks. Love ya       karen

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