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All the Love in Heaven


All the Love in Heaven

Heavenletter #1028 Published on: August 15, 2003
God said:

God above all. God alone is. There is nothing more to say. The thought of Our exquisite Oneness precludes any other thought. What else is there worth thinking about. What other thought can compare? What other candle can be seen amidst Our light?

You are My beloved, and I love well. I know how to love. Love is My Consciousness. Although I recognize the unwieldy sense of problem that occupies you, I certainly do not relate into the concept of problem. My vision is greater. I have love to think about. I have love to engender from sea to shining sea. I see from the topmost mountain. My view is great. I am God above all any way you look at it.

Let Us say that I include everyone in My Will, and that is, of course, fact. I am eternal, and yet I bequeath all to you. I embrace you so dearly to My heart that there is no distinction between you and Me except that you set yourself apart for some undisclosed illusion of purpose. And yet you are still a satellite of the One God Who created and maintains the Universe. I am the Crux of it. And you are beloved in My embrace.

We are great, you and I. If you would glimpse the wonderful Oneness of Us for just one moment, no shoes would be big enough or fast enough for your feet. No coat would hide your wings. You would know nothing but soaring. You would know that soaring is another name for love.

You would know the love that is yours. You would know My love as yours. Swept up in My arms, you could only be swept up in My love. Love alone I am. And love alone are you.

In terms of love on earth, you have been a stutterer. You have looked at love as though it were a craft. You have surmised love through squinted eyes and have seen it as a result or as an object that is transferred, a deal made, a business arrangement of sorts, an exchange of love, when the truth of love is that it swims in itself. You have thought that love was difficult.

Love encompasses the world. Love is the medium.

I am a God of Love, and you are a Child of Love, and you are not all those other things you have thought. The world gave you an appraised value, and you believed in it. You believed in it more than you believed in anything I said. But that changes nothing but your perception, and now you must change your perception.

The extent of you is far greater than anything the world has ever indicated. The power of your thought is as great as the power of world thought. It is greater.

Align your thoughts more closely with Mine. Hear what I call to you. Hear Me say your name and proclaim you so that all the world may hear.

Even if the world cannot hear Me, you can. You can hear Me very well. I speak in your heart. I speak with and without words — yet no words can say what I have to say. What words can possibly express the totality of love. No words can capture My love. No words can encapsulate the love I give to you.

But you can hear. And your heart can swell with the love heretofore sequestered. Today the love in your heart is released. Love yourself, and then you will love your neighbor with all your heart, because your heart is a great gift I have given to you to commandeer all the love in Heaven so you may reveal it to the world who hungers for it.

Entry #126


Comment by scorpio - October 29, 2011, 10:03 am
around a million deaths a day now.that will take a computer in heaven to kep them all straight.must be a bigger population then on earth!

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