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What Else on Earth Is There to Do?


What Else on Earth Is There to Do?

Heavenletter #1026 Published on: August 13, 2003
God said:

When I ask you how you are, what will you say? With Me actually right here with you, sitting across from you in the counselor's chair, what would you say to Me? Would you really list your grievances? I think you would not. I think you would be so enthralled at My presence that you would either have nothing to say or you would gush appreciation. I don't think you would even remember one complaint. In the bright light of Truth, what could you possibly think of to protest. What would there be to say when My light shines on you and you beam in it?

How much worth are all your hurts and aggravations? Even the mighty ones. Would they even matter in My presence? Whatever life and limb you had lost, what would be its significance when you sit knee to knee in the parlor with Me.

You would not even ask for My blessing because, in My presence, you would know only of blessing. Shadows of life would retreat, evanesce, and all there would be left would be Our light. You would know you have only been blessed. You would know your light in eternity with Me.

You would see that you had never been out of it.

You would see the glory of Human existence and know it for what it is.

You would see nothing else. You would know there is nothing else to see but blessed beautiful light shining everywhere and you would wonder how you had ever missed it.

By then, you probably wouldn't even remember that you had missed it, so consumed in light would you be. You would know there was nothing else. You would know only Light, and that nothing else can glint in Our Light.

Bedazzled in light, you would know only Light. You would know Love, and you would know Eternity. You would be aflame in all of it. All your myriad thoughts would have vanished at the first glimpse of Light. That which you thought was intelligence would vanish in the presence of Intelligence.

That which you thought was yourself would be laughable in the light of yourSelf. Illumed in My light, you would see yours.

You and I are Twin Flames. All your life you had searched for a soul mate, and now you know that I am the One you have been searching for. And where was I all this time but right with you? How careless you have been in your insight!

You have seen Truth today, and like Scrooge you have been given a second chance. You left with an assignment I gave you, and you have been returned to life on earth. Like Rip Van Winkle, you wake up and see a changed world. You are not the same as you were on what you thought was the day before. Like Columbus, you have set forth to find a new land, and you have reached it. This is different soil you step on today.

This is the real You today, and this is real Life today.

The assignment I gave you was to shed My light everywhere.

And now that you know what to do and you know there is nothing else in existence but My light, what else can you do but share it?

You know now that you are the fulfiller of everyone's dreams. You are the angel dispatched to earth as a beacon light of Truth. I have sent you. I always had. But now you know. And now it is yours to do.

Lay down light for all to see by. Lay down a carpet of love for all to walk on. Make your awareness a handrail for all to hold. Strew petals of My love everywhere. What else on earth is there to do?

Entry #127


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