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Play Life


Play Life

Heavenletter #2018 Published on: June 1, 2006
God said:

In saying Yes to the universe, you are saying Yes to yourself. In saying No to the universe, you are saying No to yourself, cutting off a piece of the universe and your own heart. Beloveds, do not clamp your life. Open it.

Do not play percentages nor odds. Play in the game of life. Invest in it. Don’t hold back.

Never mind about success or not success. Achievement is irrelevant. Choosing to follow the stream of your heart is relevant. Bet on life, beloveds. You have nothing to lose. To not play is to keep yourself on the bench. I beckon you to come out on the field and play life, else you default.

No more excuses about why you have to hold back. Never mind about all the reasons under the sun why not to engage. Never mind about reasons altogether.

Do not say you don’t have the energy. If you didn’t keep wearing yourself out with denying your heart, you would have great energy.

Your heart is your child. You cannot always say No to your child. If you do, you teach your child hopelessness. Give your beating heart some say. Let it surge ahead. Your watchful mind thinks it is practical, thinks it is safe in saying No. Yes is safe, beloveds. Anyway, safety and success are not the issue. Moving in life is the issue.

Climb to a mountaintop in your mind, and proclaim Yes from the mountaintop. Yodel Yes throughout the universe. It will be heard. The more you say Yes to the universe, the more it will say Yes to you. Hear the echo, beloveds. That is your own voice coming back to you.

You are the claimant of your own life. It is not all to be left to chance. It is not all about picking up what is left over from a game already played. This is your game, beloveds. It is, as is said, the only game in town.

Have you been waiting for life to begin? Have you been waiting for the meal to be served to you to perfection before you will take a bite? You have waited long enough. You have most assuredly waited long enough. Beloveds, you don’t even know what you are waiting for. What traffic light are you stopped at? Take your foot off the brake. There is no emergency. There are no sirens. So why do you pull over to the side of the road? What respite do you seek?

There are rest areas. But first you have to get to them. Be not a wallflower in life. Do not wait to be chosen. Choose yourself. I chose you. You seem to be waiting until you are fully cooked. You haven’t even turned the stove on yet.

Today serve yourself life raw.

Light your own fires under life.

Add some Tabasco sauce. Cut some onions. Dig in.

Make a stir-fry of life today. Don’t wait for the petit-fours or fancy hors d’oeuvres.

Do not make your bed perfectly. Get up out of it. Throw the covers back. Leap into life.

This is the ocean of life before you. Don’t just dip a toe in. Dive in. Ready or not, dive in.

Is the water cold? Wonderful. You will warm it up then. The waters aren’t clear today? Wonderful. Clear them.

Beloveds, there are no deterrents to living life. Throw those deterrents out the window. First open the window, and then throw them out.

Come, enter life. Do not sit it out. Engage. Engage. I am here holding out My hand. Reach, beloveds, reach. Life is ready to meet you, and I am not a fingertip away. Arise, beloveds, arise.

Entry #132


topazz28Comment by topazz28 - October 30, 2011, 5:07 pm

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