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Hit on # 17 & # 7 Dead On, Won $74.00 !! About Time!!


Thursday Oct 27 2011 State of Confusion....state of Connecticut

On Thursday Oct 27 2011, I bought some items at the dollar store.The total was $17.17.I thought ( 17,I'll play it tonoght on the Win 4 Life)

Later I bought a few more items at a grocery store.Total cost: $7.77.OK,I'm definetly playing number 7 or 17 tonight.

So I bought 2 tickets and played the number 7 and 17 as the lucky ball on 2 different tickets.Luckly I also colored in the numbers 1,7,10, & 17 as numbers for the 4 different numbers to pick.

Played 7 and 17 because they kept on showing up.Played 1 and 10 because seventeen is seen as 1-7 or one seven.Also I add a zero to a single number.With that in mind 1 becomes a 10 also.

Here's what was drawn on Oct 27 2011.....1-7-22-39 LB-17.HIT THE # 17 DEAD ON!along with 2 numbers for a win of..2 + LB =$70
Also had 2 numbers on the other ticket !!.....1 and 7 for a win of $4.00 !!.......Total Win=$74.00-$4.00(cost of tickets)=+$70.00....

ABOUT TIME !!! about the other 2 numbers...22 and 39.......seen no 2's or anything starting with b/b.seen no 9's or anything starting with a C and a I......39= the letter C (3rd letter of alphabet) and 9= the letter I (9th letter of alphabet)....

OK I have my luck back,next time I'm posting my picks before the drawing !!!!!

Entry #18


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