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In Love You Soar


In Love You Soar

Heavenletter #2956 Published on: December 28, 2008
God said:

If every belonging of yours were taken away today, nothing would have changed. Oh, yes, you would bereave the loss of this trinket or this rug or this house, yet without the trinkets and house and household goods, you would be as you always have been. Beloveds, you stand in the Universe. Life is you and I. And all the material in between has nothing to do with Us. I understand that you think it does. I understand that you feel favored when a house is built for you and unfavored when the house is taken away. And yet, beloveds, the material is immaterial to Us. When all is said and done, what We have is Oneness, and Oneness is not dependent upon the lay of the land.

Whatever can be taken away from you, as harsh as this may seem, is nothing at all. It never was yours anyway. You occupied a house. You wore a bracelet. You walked on a rug or you rolled it up or you slept on it. All the things in the world are conveniences. You have seen them as necessities. I understand this, and yet what matters, what really matters, is the love We share. This love is the basis of everything. What is the physical the basis of?

You already know that houses without love are not much. Yes, houses protect you from the elements. They are very nice things to have, but they are not everything. In fact, they are nothing but wood, plaster, a place to occupy for only a time, in any case.

I want you to have your abode. I also don't want you dependent upon any physical thing. When you are overwhelmingly dependent upon physical things, you contract yourself. I draw a much larger circle around you, a circle that encompasses Us with no walls. Actually, it is not a circle I draw around you. It is not a circle at all. It is not an enclosure. It is Infinity.

And all the enclosures, such as houses, that you feel comfortable with are mere sketches you have drawn with invisible ink, or have been drawn for you, and you have paid for with bits and pieces of your freedom.

The physical that you are surrounded with is irrelevant to the substance of you. Yes, the physical is to be enjoyed and yet not to be dependent upon.

Life on Earth is a field of change. Life on Earth is a rolling stone. When all is said and done, life on Earth gathers no moss. It can only be illusion that you accumulate. You already have enough.

Prepare yourself right now for the self-sufficiency of love. You can walk away from belongings lickety-split, but you cannot walk away from love, for love is what you are and are made of. You are your own love, and your love is dependent upon nothing but you. Love is your inner core. Love is the heart of you, and love is what matters, and it matters indelibly. It is what matters. Love is not a prop. Props are not necessary. Love is.

When you can accept that you are love, and that love is not dependent upon incidentals, then you are free of gravity. In love you soar. What do you think Heaven is? It is where love is. And where love is, peace reigns. This is brotherhood.

Never mind even about gaining love. Mind about giving it. Give love lightly, not heavily. Just give it because it is Ours to give, and it is My desire that love be your milieu, for, beloveds, love is all, and your stirring love is what matters, and your stirring love is what the world is dependent on. Love is the ace, and love beats anything.

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