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Behold Peace


Behold Peace

Heavenletter #3050 Published on: April 1, 2009
God said:

It can be said that nature is the healer. It is indeed natural to heal. It is indeed natural to have no need to heal. We can say that you have a self-cleaning physiology. As you live and move in the world, nature does not have to allow occlusions to the smooth flow of health.

One way to look at it is that happiness is health. It is not an absolute that health is a by-product of happiness, yet it is a good way to look at it, for it makes your securing happiness incumbent upon you.

Happiness is an interesting word. It would imply hap or happenstance or luck, yet happiness is not a roll of the dice, beloveds. It is how you meet life. It is your thoughts. It is incumbent upon you to recognize your own happiness which lies within you. Certainly, the relative world gives you a boost now and then, here and there, and yet your true state is happiness or joy or equanimity or whatever you want to call it. It is absence of qualm. It is a way of greeting life however it shows up.

Happiness is not denial, beloveds. Anything less than happiness is denial. It is the denial of happiness and your natural state of existence.

If happiness seems like too strong a word to go along with daily life, then substitute the word peace. Peace is the pathway to health. Peace has a special subtle meaning. It is quieter than happiness. Yet peace is a huge reverberation. It is the still waters. It is awareness of what is in every cell of your body. Let your cells have peace.

Disturbance is perhaps the opposite of peace. Certainly war is opposed to peace. When individuals live in peace within themselves, what eruption of war in the world can possibly occur?

Do not think that war belongs only to the combatant countries and the people there. Compare the Earth to a human body. If a pimple arises on the chin, you do not blame the chin. You do not blame the chin nor the skin. The pimple is a result of the whole organism. It is the same with war.

When there is battle anywhere, look to yourself, beloveds.

You can be the harbinger of war, and you can be the preventer and alleviator of war. Make peace with yourself, beloveds. Live in peace. So long as there is war anywhere in the world, you are not above it.

War is a symptom, and symptoms signal that attention is needed. Attend to all hearts, and there will be no war.

Enough people in peace even 5,000 miles away from the front lines, and the war will be over. From miles away, the condition of war will be healed. Enough individuals in peace, and no one will want war. Someone must want war in order to have it.

Let Us say that another word for peace could be egolessness. When there is peace, ego doesn't reign. When there is friction, ego reigns. Without ego, war is unwarranted, and peace is beheld.

Look to your own home, beloveds. Be the love that heals all wounds. Be the peace you seek. Be the love you are.

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