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Kawasaki Wins Big $$ Wife Carrie in Court $500 = Win4Life Lost $


Last Edited: November 4, 2011, 9:24 am

Today is Friday November 4th.2011.
Yesterday on Thursday Nov 3rd I met an old friend.He was selling a Kawasaki Motorcycle for $500 dollars.The bike needs a lot of repairs.I asked him if I can take a look at it.I know someone looking for a project bike to work on.He told me the bike is in storage.Maybe on Saturday I can take a look.Paid my vehicle insurance for 93 dollars.
   Also yesterday Nov 3rd my wife and I spent all day in court.Just so my wife can hand in a single paper.
And of course my gas guzzling pickup truck drinks gasoline at $10 dollars a pop at the gas station.To the court each way.
  To sum up yesterday's activities into numbers equals this eqation: I had all the winning Win 4 Life numbers !! Lost again !!
Yeah I was going to fill out a card but once again I bought a few quick picks .All losers!
Kawasaki= the letter K=11th letter of the alphabet.
$500 selling price for the motorcycle=5,15 the #50 is a number to high to play.
Wife Carrie in Court .....Carrie/Court=CC=33=the letter C, 3rd letter in alphabet.
10 Dollars for gasoline two  times.10=1,10
Insurance payment=93 dollars=nine threes=333333333=looks like 3 or 33 everywhere.Second time 33 came up yesterday.
Numbers Drawn Yesterday for the Connecticut Win 4 Life were:       5-10-15-33   LB-11     
Had the lucky Ball #11 Had the 5,15 had the #10  Had the #33.....Where's the nearest bridge?.......Lost again!!!
I even thought about playing the number 11 along with 5 and 15 while buying the quick picks...What the heck was I doing???

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