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The Notion of Time and Space


The Notion of Time and Space

Heavenletter #1760 Published on: September 14, 2005
God said:

There is nothing far away, and there is nothing close. Without the notion of time and space, where can time and space exist? A notion is a mistaken idea. It is a phantom.

You are My thought, but you are not My notion. A thought I have cannot be a notion, for My thought and Truth are One.

Your thoughts also manifest. In the arena of the notion of time and space, soon or late your thoughts appear before you. This is not to say that everything that appears before you is your thought. In this fragmented appearance you live in, there are other people’s thoughts as well.

Certainly, other people’s thoughts affect you. Someone’s mood affects you. Someone’s actions. And yet, there is no “you”. That is only a notion given much support in the land called Earth. The separation that you experience can only be a notion. Without the notion of separation, there would be no “you”. And therefore there would no “I” as you see Me now. Oneness can only be Oneness. It cannot be two-ness. For the sake of argument – for the sake of agreement really – We say We and Our and You and Your. But it is all as if.

The whole experience on the realm of Earth is as if. Nothing is as it seems. Even the ground under your feet is not as it appears. Even the sky above. Even the galaxies and beyond.

Whereas ego on Earth would make you big, it doesn’t touch the hem of the Greatness that you are. Ego would blow you up like a balloon when you are already expanded beyond what ego can conjure. Imagine dubbing a King a prince! Imagine dubbing King one who is already King. That is very much after the fact. Ego is so needless that it would make you believe you need it whispering in your ear.

What is ego but a notion? Ego does not exist. It is a false front. Your body does not exist either. Would you weep unless you thought you had a body? Without a body, you wouldn’t even know there was anything to weep for. Without a body, you would know neither joy nor pain. This does not mean there is no joy. This means there is only joy. There is no word for the state of joy where only joy exists. Words make distinctions, and there is nothing about joy that is distinct when it is all. The closest word for joy is love. In a permanent state of love, is there anything else you could know? or imagine? Why would you bother?

Truth is that which remains when notions vanish. The only Truth is love. Your true existence is love. You might as well begin now being that which you already are. That is the only thing to do.

You will accept that you are My love, won’t you? You no longer feel that I sit in judgment on you, do you? When I see the true light of your love, what would there be for Me to judge? I do not judge you wanting. You have enough judgment to fill the world. You don’t need Mine. Surely you must agree that the world is filled with judgment. Judgment is like the bargain basement of the world. You can find everything there, and it is practically free. Except you pay a high price for it, whether you are the one who judges or the one who is judged. Bargains are often not bargains. Certainly judgment is not a good deal.

And so, My beloveds, you are without everything but love. There is nothing else for you to have, and there is nothing else for you to be.

Entry #147


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