Kill and or Burn Out Fat Cells, And List Of Foods.



vitamin D, Resveratrol and quercetin kills fat cells
capsaicin and EGCG inhibit fat cells

 Policosanol: 20–25 mg
     Alpha Lipoic Acid : 100–300 mg (I take 300 mg with each meal, but some people experience acid reflux symptoms with even 100 mg)
     Green Tea Flavanols (decaffeinated with at least 325 mg EGCG): 325 mg
     Garlic Extract : at least 200 mg (I routinely use 650+ mg)

I myself didn't say any of that, I got it from some place online.


CLA ethyl ester


Oolong tea fights fat and cholesterol



Low Calorie Fruits


Low Calorie Vegetables

     Chili Peppers
     Green Beans
Diet Foods To Eat:


     brussels sprouts
     green beans
     kidney beans
     lima beans
     navy beans
     string beans
     white beans


     Low Fat Dairy

     low fat yogurt
     skim milk

     Lean Meats

     chicken breast
     egg whites
     lean beef
     lean turkey




     Whole Grains

     brown rice


     cayenne peppers

     Teas & Coffee

     green tea

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