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Know God in Your Heart


Know God in Your Heart

Heavenletter #62 Published on: January 4, 2001
God said:

You were raised to be independent. You were raised to do things yourself. You were raised to not need help. You were raised to deny your relationship with Me. You were raised to surmount life without Me. You were raised to be sovereign over your life while you let the ways of the world rule you. You were taught that all this was good.

My children, letting the world rule you is the same as forgetting Me. Letting the world set your pace is disenfranchisement from Me.

In your upbringing, certain times of the week may have been separated into a consideration of Me at a distinct place where you could perhaps find Me, but where I was seen from afar as a Foreigner or illusive Idol. You worshipped Me as an Idol rather than a Presence in your heart. Your consideration of Me was more like a public recital, a presentation, a play presented to Me in the off-chance that I could indeed exist for you. You played a refrain to Me, as it were, an incantation that you hoped would appease Me, if I existed, and if I heard you.

Your heart may have wished for Me, but your heart and words were apart. Your words were a recital while your heart wandered from Me.

Adjoin your heart to Mine. Do it wherever you sit right now. Do not look for others to teach Me to you because I cannot be taught to you from outside your heart. You acquaint yourself with Me from within your heart. Your heart can know Me. Your intellect investigates Me, but knowing about Me is not the same as knowing Me. Knowing My resume is not the same as knowing Me. Knowing My reputation is not the same as knowing Me.

No one can eat for you. No one can digest food for you. You have to eat for yourself, and it is yourself who has to invite Me into your humble daily life.

I am not a world apart from you. I am you. I am yours. I am for you. I am served to you on a tray of life, but you must reach out and accept. Even at a <snip>tail party, you do not wait for someone to push a canapé into your mouth. You are responsible for what you reach out for. You are responsible for what you accept.

Even if you think I am an imaginary bouquet of wishful thinking, or even if you think that, if I do indeed exist, I exist out there somewhere beyond your reach, or that I have to be studied for, or learned as if I were an intellectual exercise that takes great study, or that I make Myself elusive so you have to work hard in order for Me to notice a hair on your head — even if you think those things, you can unthink them and know now that I am for you personally, you, right here.

No one can claim Me for you. It is your own heart that claims Me. That is where I am to be found, in your heart, right here. All the while you searched for Me or discounted Me or whatever you did or did not in terms of Me, I was reclining within your heart, waiting for you to wake up to Me. I was waiting for you to notice Me. I was always ready for you, for I am yours.

It is irrefutable that I am yours, but you have refuted it.

You made Me a Golden Idol beyond your reach.

I am not that.

I am Gold, but I am not an idol. An idol isn't real. I am Real. I am the Realest there is.

Reach out to Me today in the chambers of your heart. Come within. Put your hand over your heart so you can focus on My presence within your heart. Travel to this moment of Our Oneness and let your heart beat to the pulse of Mine. It is like setting your watch. Set the timer of your heart. Set your heart to say, "Awake to God, for He wishes me to know Him."

Entry #171


karindaComment by karinda - November 16, 2011, 1:30 am
Thank you for posting this!

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