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Bless Yourself


Bless Yourself

Heavenletter #1566 Published on: March 3, 2005
God said:

You select what's on your mind. Whatever you are attending to, you could be attending to something else. What are you looking at, beloveds?

With what you see right now, you can see aright. There is enough beauty and love to see. No need to look at blight. What you look at and what you think go in tandem.

Where you have seen fault, you have sought it. See the other side of it. Go around the corner in your thoughts. Beneath where you see disorder, perhaps great good-naturedness lies. Does disorder take precedence over good nature?

If you can interpret one thing, you can interpret another. If you can interpret one way, you can interpret another. Give before you take. See the other side of the horizon. See beyond what you presently see and notice.

When you see an angry man, you can also see caring.

Where you see disturbance, you can also see desire for peace.

Where you see inertness, you can also see hurt.

What are you looking for, beloveds, to be pleased or displeased? It is just as easy to be pleased. Being displeased is a habit of small perception. You can give up that habit. You can give it up for love.

Every time you find fault, you compound it. You etch the fault deeper. You run it into the ground. You stomp on heart energy and tamp it down. Every time you find favor, you etch joy in gold.

Consider that pleasure and displeasure are voting at the polls. Which do you vote for? When you are being open to being pleased, you are voting Yes. When you are displeased, you are voting No.

It is easy to find fault. You don't need any instruction in it. Fault was found in you. Faultfinding was passed on to you. You were never good enough in someone's eyes, so now you look through their eyes and do not see good enough either.

On a day when you feel happy, today, for instance, things that might have bothered you yesterday, don't bother you today. When you are happy, what bothers you? When you are content, you are not discontent. Come from the angle of being pleased, and you will be happier. Carry the banner of appreciation.

Beloveds, worthy as you are, who are you to approve or disapprove? Your role on Earth is to bless. The world is not yours to walk through casting a stern eye here and there. The world is for you to walk through and give and gain pleasure. You are not meant to be exclusive. You are not meant to snub the world. The world before you was made for you. You were not intended to be a drama critic. You were meant to enjoy the show.

And whether you are on stage or off, your role is not so much to please others as it is for you to be pleased. This is not selfish. This is being gracious. When the world presents you with an apple, bite into it. When the world offers you an onion, be not dismayed. There are more apples around. Look for them.

You are the fertile ground in which seeds are planted. You are also the planter who chooses which seeds to plant. You can sow goodwill. Start now with being pleased that you are a Human being on Earth. Use the opportunity to create happiness.

Now, do not spend time faulting yourself for being such a faultfinder. Bless yourself instead and become a joy-finder and so a joy-giver and so a blessing be.

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