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Be Accountable to Love


Be Accountable to Love

Heavenletter #1345 Published on: July 23, 2004
God said:

Surface life is fleeting, but the Oneness of Life is implacable. The surface does not support you. The Unseen (but not the Unknown) does.

You are a ray of light. Rays of light come from somewhere. They come from Me. You come from Me. I have shone you on Earth. What else is there to say?

Roses do not worry. They grow. Trees do not worry. They grow tall. You worry.

You were made in My image. I do not worry. I would not know how to. And yet, you have perfected the skill of worry. Undo the knots of it. Worry is not to be your rosary beads. Let worry fall through your fingers. Let each worry fall and dissolve itself. You graciously accepted worry, as if it belonged to you. Now graciously let it go. Unlearn how to worry. Learn instead how to live life more amicably.

In the worry-mode, there is no end to worry. In the worry-mode, there is nothing but worry. Worry is a regurgitation of speculation. Your speculation has been endless. Put an end to it.

You are uneasy with worry. Be easy with it. Worry is nothing more than a worrisome thought, and thoughts come and go. Let go of worrisome ones. One rushes after the other. Perhaps you have collected worried thoughts as though they have value.

Go and worry no more. Leave worries behind like apple peels. Eat the apple and leave the peel.

Your worries are many, and your worries are huge, and yet they weigh nothing. They would not fill the tiniest atom, for your worries are made of nothing. You have been clicking knitting needles without yarn.

Worry squeezes life and puts it off. Worrying life is not living it. You are here to live, not worry.

Substitute love for all your worries. Why not? Cast aside your worries, and keep the love. Emphasize the love. Be accountable to love. Which would you serve? Love or worry? Which have you been serving the most? Where does your attention go?

Of course, worry equates with niggling fears. Love can never be niggling. Love is forthright, while worry is insidious. Worry is extraneous to you. Love is integral. When you honor the love in your heart, worry is automatically dismissed.

You are love, so you might as well be it. Do not divert from the love you were made with and of. Divert from worry and everything else that is less than love. Why waste your time on anything else? Of course, with love, there is no waste. Love is more than a time-filler. It is existence itself.

Take the love in your heart out from hiding. It may have been hiding behind worries. Push worries aside, and let love takes its rightful place in front. Let your life be led by love not worry.

Love honors that which you have been given. Love honors life. It is an honor to have this Human life you have. Not everyone has it. You have it. You are alive on Earth right now. Relish what you have right now. Do not squander your beautiful life on the imagined past or future. Do not save your life for later. Throw off all of your mind's encumbrances and swing into life itself. Dive into the rolling life before you.

How can you swim well when you keep looking back? You can swim looking ahead, but perhaps miss the pool you are in right now. Drink deeply of the draught of life that is in your hand.

Beloveds, be alive to yourself. Welcome yourself. In so doing, you welcome Me. Shine your light on Me, and I wink back.

Entry #185


TenajComment by Tenaj - November 23, 2011, 6:00 am
This is one of the things in life that are free. It is a part of Grace. Thank you Topazz.
topazz28Comment by topazz28 - November 23, 2011, 7:42 am
You are so welcome Tenag.

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