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Your Heart Is Made of Love


Your Heart Is Made of Love

Heavenletter #836 Published on: February 1, 2003
God said:

No one can donate love on your behalf. You cannot hire someone to disseminate your love. By the same token, no one can hide your love but you. No one can disguise it. No one can spit out less than love from your mouth but you. You are the only one. This is a wonderful thing now to know that you are the sole proprietor of the love in your heart. This means that you are the boss. You alone have the key. There is only one key, and no one else has the capability of turning it. You may have thought otherwise, but no one except you has the capability of opening your heart or closing it. You are the manager and magician of your own heart. This awareness puts an end to the imagined power of circumstances once and for all.

The only valid circumstance on earth is that your heart is made of love. Therefore, the responsibility for sharing it is yours and yours alone. If your heart has hardened, it is for you to warm it up. If your heart has turned to stone, you are the one to pull the sword out. You are the designated one. You designate your heart open or shut and how much. You are the gatekeeper of the flow of your heart. You are the decider of your heart's fate.

Do not hide the love in your heart from yourself. Have you not kept your unbounded love a secret from yourself above all? You thought your heart was a delicate hot-house flower capable of flourishing only under certain conditions. But your heart is a stalwart weed that can grow everywhere. It can even grow where nothing else does. Your heart of love is limited only by the decrees you make.

Make a note of this. You are the keeper of your heart. You are the maintainer of it. Tender your heart. Free it from any bounds you have set.

You can love your enemy. Who can if not you? Enemies as well as love are made in your heart. If you have kept prisoners there, it is now for you to free them. Take off the signs that say enemy. You put those signs up. Turn the arrow on the dial of your heart to unknown and from there it is not a far cry to the space where friend is written. The name of the game you play is Friend or Foe. And you are the assigner.

You may think I am giving you a casual approach to life, that I take lightly the dangers that surround you at every corner. How else should you take imagined things but lightly? How much good has your watchful penetrating approach done for you? Looking for enemies, you will find them. They will march right up to you. They have.

By the same token, look for friends, and they will be there. They will come to you.

There is a parade of people waiting for you to tell them whether they are friend or foe. These people are near and they are far. The messages from your heart extend everywhere. The messages from your mind the same.

Some hearts seem to relish a good fight. Those same hearts would relish good friends more. Which side of the line do you think your heart wants to be on? Follow your heart, not some heart-rending thoughts.

Here is a list of the contents of your heart: Love.

Subheadings are: Love freed. Love held prisoner.

Have you not called the love in your heart by other names than love?

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