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What Your Heart Is to You


What Your Heart Is to You

Heavenletter #989 Published on: July 7, 2003
God said:

When you lift your eyes up to Mine, your heart comes along. Your eyes and your heart move inseparably, one with the other. Your heart feels what you see or, perhaps rather, what your mind tells you that you see.

Consider that you are to give gifts to your heart today. Keep an eye on what your heart might like and what would fill it. Give care to your heart today as you would to an infant child.

Your mind has perhaps treated your heart as separate from you, perhaps as a mechanical object or as a mere thermometer of what goes on around you.

You have allowed your heart to be injured. Your mind may even have emphasized things that would hurt it.

You may feel that your heart is a victim of what goes on around you, but are you not the mediator and therefore the weakener or the strengthener of hearts?

Consider your heart today as a ship that sets sail. Give it blessings more than warnings. Surely you will say more to it than to watch out for danger. Surely you did not raise it to be only suspicious. Surely you train it to sail well into the horizon. What is the name you paint on the ship of your heart? Name it now. Write "The Strength of God" on one side and "The Love of God" on the other, for strength and love are the same.

Treat your heart more like your stomach. When your stomach wants something, you feed it. Feed your heart. Be good to it. Give it special treats along the day.

Consider your heart a servant in your employ. Servants need to be taken care of. They take care of you, and you take care of them. Take care as to how you treat your heart.

Take it on outings. Let it know its importance to you. Honor your heart which is connected to Mine.

Your heart rises and falls according to what you tell it. It cannot do anything else.

Today tell your heart how wonderful it is, how loyal, and what a good worker it is. Your heart needs tenderness from you more than it does from the world. Your heart will begin to tell you stories of such greatness that you will quiet down and listen.

Strengthen your heart in silence.

Your heart is a favor I gave to you.

Your mind is its nursemaid.

The nursemaid forgot her role.

You are the overseer.

You are the mediator.

You are more than your heart and mind.

You are the keeper of them.

They are for more than your entertainment.

As you enter the world today, remember these companions. They are siblings, the heart perhaps the innocent younger child and the mind the elder sophisticated-seeming man of the world.

To love yourself means to love your heart. Honored, your heart will lead you. Dismayed, it falters.

We do not blame the heart for being young. It is ever young. That is its nature. As young as the heart is, it has been around longer than the intellect, yet the intellect is always ready to pounce on the heart. The intellect is really the tyro, yet the heart will harken to what the mind tells it. The mind considers itself cynical, yet it will listen to anything and believe almost anything it hears except the messages from the heart which it is quick to countermand.

Remember today that your heart is yours. Hearten it.

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