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You Also Stand


You Also Stand

Heavenletter #739 Published on: October 31, 2002
God said:

Ego is ruthless. It keeps you in its thrall.

Yet how fine is the line between your sense of self-worth and your ego. Sense of self-worth is fundamental. Sense of self-worth is your sense of rightfulness to be here on earth, and that you must have. That is need. That is entitlement. You are here. And you are welcome here. You belong here. You are not to be dismissed nor discounted. Care for yourself as much as you would care for someone else.

Give yourself sanction to declare yourself. To be without ego does not mean that you are erased. It does not mean to be subservient to others. You also stand. You shine in earth's light as well as Mine.

You were a treasure given to earth and given to yourself. To deny your Selfhood is to deny Me. I will not be denied, but you have denied yourself.

Be not apologetic for being on earth and taking up the little imaginary space that you do. You owe not explanation. You owe not disrespect for yourself. Your life is not a question of what someone else thinks. What do YOU think?

If you and I are to think alike, then you must raise your opinion of your rightfulness. This does not mean you are always right. Right or wrong is not the issue. Your right to vote, so to speak, is the issue.

You are a voice on the face of the earth. You are not a weakling. You are not an afterthought. You are not a footnote. You are not inconsequential. You are of great consequence. You are not self-important, but you are important. You matter. You are here for a reason, and the reason cannot be to refrain from speaking.

Declare yourself to yourself. You are the one not listening. Don't blame someone else. There is no blame here. There is awareness. Self-realization does not mean self-effacement.

All the birds sing. Not one pretends he is not here. Birds sing their own song lustily. A robin is a robin and a whippoorwill is a whippoorwill. Their songs do not have to be the same. But sing they must. The expression of song must be allowed.

And you are not voiceless.

I did not send you to earth to be a cipher. I did not send you to be invisible. I did not send you to hide. I sent you to make your mark on earth. I sent you to be truthful. It is your journey in life you take, not another's. And they must not take yours.

I know this is not all easy for you. You want so much to be what I want, and you want to be ego-free at My behest, but letting go of ego is not the same as trying to pretend that it is all gone.

You are here to be in your truth, not someone else's. Who is going to represent your truth if you do not? You are not here on earth to slip out of sight.

You yearn for harmony. But dissembling is not harmony. Vacating your right to be on earth is not harmony. Pretending agreement is not harmony. Pretending anything is a form of control. It is one-upmanship. You are not better than another. And you are not less. You are equal. You have equal voting privilege. You have a say, and you might as well say it. Be where you are. Come forward.

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