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Our Being


Our Being

Heavenletter #109 Published on: February 15, 2001
God said:

I speak to you of love. That is all I can speak of. That is all I know. All I know is truth. I know nothing else but truth. And I know you.

I know what you are made of, for I made you of Myself.

You are made of My love.

That is who you are — My love. Made of My love, you are My love, and you are also the one I love. My love for you cannot be striated. My love for you is your wholeness. It is your holiness, My love for you, and your holiness is Mine.

Such a thing is Our love! It is everything. It is the cradle. It is the rocking of the cradle and the child within. It is all of it, and that is all that there is.

Do not wander away from My love. Would you leave Me bereft? Of course, you cannot, because My love is intact no matter how much you may wander. How long, how far you meander, you take Me with you no matter what. I am not your shadow that follows you. I am the essence of you, and that is how We are together and never apart. We are One Love entwined. It was ever so. And so it continues. There is no end to Us. There is only the flow of Us.

We can say that you flow in the stream of My love. Or We can say that the stream of My love flows through you. Both are correct. There is no difference. We are bonded infinitely.

Bond is not boundedness. Our bond is unboundedness. That is the secret that is no secret.

The more you are aware of Our bond, the freer you are.

You are not free in a little room that you pace.

You are free when you roam the universe.

You are free when you roam beyond the universe, where there is no edge, no rim, only the reign of infinity.

Vast is My heart. Vast is yours. Your heart longs for a journey beyond the steps of your feet. It longs for flight. It longs to go beyond the horizon you see to yet another beyond that and another and more rolling hills of light.

Set your sights high. Set them wide. Set them far. Begin to see what calls you to it.

Your heart beats for a reason. It is an echo. But it needs no reason but itself. You are between the beats of your heart. You are the wave of your heart. I am the impulse.

Your heart thrums the song of My love.

Your heart answers My call to you.

It longs for Our hearts to beat as One.

I tell you that it does. It already does. But you have not been listening. You have been half listening.

Listen now. Listen to My love that surges through you. It is My love within you that you are made of. My impenetrable love penetrates you.

If a flower blooms from a seed, why cannot you bloom from Me?

If one leaf can equal the stillness of My heart, why not you?

If all is suspended and held within the moment of My heart, then aren't you also? Aren't you there, here, within Me?

Let Us acknowledge Our Oneship. Acknowledge that We touch at the very moment We are beyond touch. Acknowledge that We see what is beyond sight. Acknowledge that we move beyond movement, and so forth. Let's just acknowledge Our Being and Our being together in this one moment of Our love, for all that is needed is acknowledgement of Our Oneness that already is.

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