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The Glory of Truth


The Glory of Truth

Heavenletter #851 Published on: February 17, 2003
God said:

On the subject of language, let's take the word "understand". It describes your underlying being. When you understand something, you see beneath. You do not superimpose upon whatever it is you understand. You do, indeed, literally, see the light. A recognition deep within you rises. The inner and the outer connect.

This is as true of mathematics and physics as it is of poetry and occurrences in life and everything in between. Until there is understanding, you have only disparate parts. Bits and pieces of information. Only understanding connects the dots. Only understanding can.

There is much in life that is not understandable to you. You cannot fully comprehend why some things are nor why they befall nor how and where. One can understand the mechanics of a faulty aircraft, and never understand why it fell and why those on it perished, and why that certain number were on it and not another, why all perished or why one did not. You may easily identify all the parts but not come near the whole.

And yet you have glimpses every once in a while that go beyond the senses and sentiments of the world. You have glimpses of knowing. You have glimpses of understanding everything. For a moment, all the complexities are simple. For a moment, you taste the Oneness of all creation, and you see it is good. For a moment, bewilderment does not exist. Great unworded comprehension exists. For a moment, you are in My shoes, and, like Me, you look at it all and see that it is good.

And if you could conceive of the word "good" as not having a counterpart "bad", you would have understanding supreme. This is that which surpasses all understanding. It is said that goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. Goodness shall follow you all the days of your life because goodness alone exists. In that case, where is the need for mercy?

But you wonder how I can say that when you see pitfall after pitfall around you. You see deceit in the hearts of men. True, it is there. Truly, how deceived they are, for they have deceived themselves that they are less than I made them, and how you also are deceived by them and yourself. The world is like a magician who gets your eye off of what is actually going on. Things appear one way, but they are really another.

Many levels of understanding exist. Levels are incomplete and do not tell the whole story, the underlying story. We are talking about the Glory of Creation. It is all glory. It is not what you have heretofore been thinking.

Of course, it is understood that the understanding I speak of is not intellectual. Not at all. The intellect cannot comprehend. That which is incomprehensible to the intellect is incomprehensible to the intellect. And what the intellect cannot understand likely will sound like hogwash to it. The intellect may be too smart, do you see?

A day will come when you will not have to lean on trust. A day will come when you see for yourself the Reality that is beyond what you see. What you most often look at are stage props. Something has been covered up. Something lies beyond the visible props. An entirely different picture. Beneath a surface façade, and another and another, Truth exists like a woman on a stage who wears many veils; one by one, each veil is removed until there are no more veils.

Truth will be known, and you will know it. You do not need to wait for another lifetime nor for death, for in this lifetime Truth will be known to you. Your eyes will see the glory, and you will know there is nothing else.

Entry #204


Comment by CashWinner$ - December 7, 2011, 7:07 pm
"The world is like a magician who gets your eye off of what is actually going on"....love that line - truth...

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