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road rage and a dead low rider


ARRRGHHH! some little white boy racer deliberately rammed my motorbike at full speed!
(boy racers are young kids speeding around in their mums cars coz they can't afford more than a pedal bike)

In the typical british summer (showers of rain every half hour) I was driving down a one way street near my workplace and I saw a sooped up citroen saxo car (you guys would call it a budget sized car) approaching me at high speed the wrong way so I had to stop, looked left, looked right, no fit for the both of us and no place for me to move. I stayed stopped and prayed, the guy at the wheel thought it might be fun to do an emergency stop inches from the front of my bike and then he started swearing at me pointing his finger in the air to show me that it was a one way street (prat) so I pointed to all the parked cars that were facing the same way as me, I think he lost it coz he got embarrassed in front of his girly passenger so he revved up, wheel spinned and went up on the pavement (U.S. - Sidewalk) went past me, stopped about 10 meters behind me and went into reverse gear and revved, and came at me at full speed..... smashed the hell out of me and my bike. w**ker. he then sped off continuing up the wrong way up the street.

a lady with a pram nearly got knocked over by him coz she only looked the way you would expect traffic to come on a one way road. what an idiot he was, I called the police and several eye-witnesses got his reg number so I told em and now I gotta wait to see what happens.....damn and blast.

and to top it all, when I went to the supermarket last night to buy cat food, on the way back, I saw the same car going down my street!, oh how I wanted to throw a heavy can of Kit-e-kat at his window! but in England, if you do that to a criminal - YOU end up in court being sued. Had to chase it a bit to see which way it was going while I dialled 999 (911 in U.S) and told the operator my crime reference number and which way the car was going. Oh, I hope they catch him.

blue Citreon Saxo with white lettering on the sides, if you see him, curse him and his entrails!!

But.. on a lighter note, my cat is the bizness! really loud for a kitten though, and clever already.
LOL, I bought him a little play house and he hasn't gone near it, instead, he prefers to play in the cardboard box that it came in! cats?!

Got 4 more members since my last post, YIPPEE with a certain amount of WOOHOO. Best thing is, I haven't done ANY advertising this week and I still got the signups. The wonder of follow up calls hehe. only need 2 more and I get another free bonus entry into both Lotto draws which can only be a good thing.

Got to work today and my transmitter for my indoor helicopter arrived from hong kong, only 4 days after I ordered it, so all is not bad.

thoughts for the day -

things always get better if you let 'em

Lesson for the day -

in the crime ridden streets of any area, there are still people that will stop and help a stranger pick up his bike and get his nerves back. thanks to all those that asked after my welfare after the accident, gee I felt like crying (but couldn't coz I had a big bike and lots of leathers!)

good luck on tonights 9 million quid rollover (17 million US dollars !!!!)

Entry #4


ToddComment by Todd - August 25, 2004, 9:29 am
Oh no! Sounds like you're OK, so that's good. I agree with you about the ownership thing. Kids won't repect a car unless they buy it themselves. Then it's gold.

Comment by glytch - August 25, 2004, 2:32 pm
thanks for your concern! never a truer word said, I did a walk around my local area asking people if they had seen it but it must be a phantom car :(

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