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September 23, 2004, 6:28 pm1 more to go!

Ooooo too busy to post blogs recently, I have been constructing websites, reading ebooks, fixing pc's, negotiating contracts...oh the fun of working for myself!.

It is still going well without working for someone else's benefit, my team is growing really well and I have only got 1 more signup before I get my next bonus entry woohoo! I haven't done any offline stuff yet apart from the door2door I did as a method of developing an approach that doesn't bring up the barriers straight away... it worked because I can use the free entry as the opener, most times that gets me to talk about the advantages of 44 lines per draw, 2 draws a week for a fiver thing and I had some good reactions which is encouraging. Whats best is my online methods, found a way to get 10,000 views a day of my pdf advert without going over the line of decency and using spam, popups and all other annoying advertising, omg I hate popups and spam...its proof in the pudding that my team has almost doubled since I last posted and all I used was free sites and good customer service.

The BDM meeting in Manchester is going to be really good, I can't wait. I have even managed to be able to borrow my girlfriends mercedes to drive up there but some dirty fo**er scraped "bitch" with a key in the door and hood, some people ! I was looking forward to showing off to the other lotto peeps and now I gotta park it around the back and hide my bitch car! ;)

The cat is growing! I was looking at some of the first photos I took of him and now I can see how much he has grown, its like seeing someones kid after a year and seeing how they have grown but to the parents, the kid is still their kid.

lol, I gave the cat a shower today and used my girlfriends shampoo, now he smells nice and has really smooth fur! oh I hope there are no tree huggers out there who are gonna report me for not using "all natural, dolphin friendly organic herbal feline shampoo" ;-)

No news on the motorbike or white-boy-racer yet :-( , but at least I have got a mountain bike and that keeps me fit , well, not as unfit .
I fell off it today, trying to do a stupid wall ride down a subway, damn it looks so easy on the X-Games hehe

Pictures from today.....

Some kids get a ticket from the Sunny Slough Ticketers! these guys'll ticket anything, I just missed taking a photo of them trying to ticket a bicycle!!!

The view from the train on the way home from getting my phone fixed...

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September 11, 2004, 1:07 pmGave up my job!

Oh, I no longer work for someone else!

I left the job that was a bane of my life, those that have read my previous blogs will know what I was going through and will understand. I got home and there was a message on my phone saying I had sponsored another member so that cheered me up.

It works out that I will be paid till the end of the month so I am gonna spend the next week going door to door in my nice clothes and clipboard with signup norms, when I find out how that goes, I will decide if I will do it full time and really push hard to get team builders, if it is slow, I'll get a part time job, my commission is enough now that I can half my wages and still be the same. Its a shame coz I was enjoying the cash on top of my wages but now I will have no excuse to not go out there and get some more in my team.

I'll also be pushing my home tutoring into overdrive and see if I can totally replace my income, going to peoples homes and giving them the service that they didnt get at a commercial venue, it'll be an ideal opportunity to offer discounts to people if they join my syndicate.

I have to take this opportunity, as that's what it is. A good incentive for doing well, not to mention I am so jealous of Yogesh who is now making mega-money. my goal is to get 100 directs by the end of september....watch this space!!

...as for my wonder bike?..well the insurance company are being gits and saying because it was a road rage, they wont provide me with a bike, why? well, the other side has accident insurance and not "stupid idiot driver" insurance, they wont be able to get the other sides' insurance to pay...blah! here's my pic

toodle-pip my anonymous readers!.

Andy the intrepid

edit: added picture

Last Edited: September 11, 2004, 1:15 pm

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September 10, 2004, 2:54 pmchicken? hmmmmm chicken!

Yum what a nice chicken dinner today, if I was in london, chicken dinner would mean winner! oh I hope so, its the euro draw tonight and I got 3 entrys with 2 lucky star numbers gauranteed for each draw!! I got a good feeling about it.

I finished my clients website and got paid , yey!, AND he signed up to my syndicate deal which will be pretty sweet coz he is gonna leave a promotional card in every car his company cleans. easy peasy.

OH and I decided to give up smoking last night, it's really hard considering I was smoking 30+ cigs a day. I haven't managed to totally cut them out but I have gone down to less than 10 in a day which has pleased me a lot, I thought it was gonna be much harder and I really believed I was gonna lose all hope but this is good, I might even be able to stop them altogether!

back to the tv, which has a nice clean screen.

toodle oo!

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September 5, 2004, 10:23 amFree entry to the Euro Lotto!!!!

I got another member today!! I dont know where from coz I haven't got the details through yet but waayyheeyyy, this one takes me over the next free entry limit so VWD are sending me another entry to the Euro lotto. LOL thats 3 I got now and 2 for the UK draw.

I think he phoned me at 11am but I was away doing my motorbike test, which, wah-hey again, I passed! this day is turning out really good, not to mention that the sky is cloudless and the sun doth shine upon me!.

just checked my statistics for the banner I hosted on my clients website, I think I might have to increase my bandwidth, there were 3000 accesses today and a whopping 500+ click-thru's . Thats a better click thru rate than any other online ads I have done.

time to go and feed the cat (again!).

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September 4, 2004, 2:06 pmback in the good moods!

I did get my payrise!!

I was a little hasty in assuming that I didn't , i found out today it didn't look like it coz the rise didn't take effect until the 5th of the month. DOH! glad I didn't go in there all guns blazin LOL.

teamplaylotto.com is going well, did some website sponsorship and my hits have trippled, a couple more signups and quite a few new prospects. No more money to be spent on marketing this month but most of my sponsorships are for 2 months so looks like next months commission cheque is all mine YUM!. This months cheques should arrive on monday or tuesday, can't wait, they'll be big enough to show all my sceptic friends and stop me being so defensive all the time.

The cat is growing, what a greedy little kitten! whatever I put there, he eats. sounds just like me.
he has a new trick of running up and down the front room, but also up and down the curtains (drapes) , he makes it all the way to the ceiling and then back down, across the floor and back into his cardboard box. LOL crazy cat.

The little bugger has smelly farts though! OMG, he can pump them out, of course, I get blamed for it when the GF arrives.

enough for today, there's a repeat of Grease on telly! oh the happy days.

toodle oo

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August 30, 2004, 3:24 pmBoss is a liar!

Checked my bank today and turns out that the pay rise my boss told me I was getting, not to mention that it is written into my contract, didn't get payed, I actually got paid less than I did last month which is total crap.

I wondered why we didn't get a payslip and why he did the wages 10 minutes before his holiday.

At least I got a nice button on suprnovaradio.org , right in view of all that go there. RESULT!

no wins this week on the lotto draws for my syndicate but , there's always next week.

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August 30, 2004, 5:21 amlate nights and coffee

wow, what a late night tonight was! stayed up till 4am so I could talk to the mods of suprnovaradio and book some advertising slots for the next 10 days. Some really good rates and it includes a button on the main page so I spent ages designing a banner and a button.

I used plenty of different gif animators out there but they all produced banners at about the 300kb mark which, these days is HUGE! Managed to get Ulead Gif Animator and it works a treat, instead of 300k it reduced my banner to a measly 22k ! fine result.

I came up with this...

Bike news:BRPhoned the police to see whats happening with my bike incident and they told me that they sent a letter to the guys house, he's got 28 days to respond...what a farce, if my music is too loud they send a copper around within 10 minutes, no sending ME a letter giving me 28 days to turn it down....bollox, a guy trys to kill me with a car and all they do is send a letter, not even someone going around his house and saying, " wassup?". The policeman I talked to on the phone agreed with me when I said that if I had reported it as a serious assault with a heavy metal object, that it would have been investigated straight away. lol

enough, I am hungry and so is the cat...

Last Edited: August 30, 2004, 3:46 pm

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August 27, 2004, 4:35 pmcest francais, je suis BORED!


as you may tell, I am bored.

twas the day of boredom,
whenst Andy doth type,
down in the duldrums,
questioning ones life.

Glad of the net,
that many may see,
so no need to fret,
coz I've got a T.V.

Last Edited: August 27, 2004, 4:36 pm

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August 26, 2004, 5:31 pmDrink and Heroin - a mugs game

wow what a day, not only do I have to deal with my boss asking questions about me behind my back instead of to my face, I had to act fast with a near death experience for someone else outside our business.

the local drunks usually sit on the bench outside our business place and most times , they cause no trouble and often I got out for a smoke and a chat with them. Only today, one of them drank wayyy too much and his friends (pah!) told him to go up their dingy flat and smoke some heroin. bad bad combo.

we noticed him slouched with his head bowed and another local junkie started to talk to him but then ran about shouting ," he's dead , he's dead!" ..a crowd soon gathered and ummed and arred and no one would do anything! just stood and watched, I'm suprised no-one tried to rob him (its that kind of area). I couldn't just stand there so I got him off the bench, put him on the floor in the recovery position and had to hook his tongue from the back of his mouth urrrgh. I noticed his heart rate was non existent so I had to do massage on his chest and thankfully, he came around after just a few pumps and belched really loudly! his blue lips, ears and face flushed with colour and although his pupils were pin pricks - he managed to snoor and thats when the super professional paramedics arrived and revived him fully.
he's a proud man the size of a mountain and refused to go to the hospital even though he had a heart attack 6 months ago. when he was in the ambulance, his heart rate went up to 230 bpm !! thats faster than some rave music. some people just dont wanna be helped. I hope he will be ok all the same.

hows that song go? " saw a man come back to life today..."

my boss asked made comments along the lines of , "where were you for so long?" wottaw**ker.

weird thing is, I was as cool as a cucumber during the incident and only started shaking on the way home.

I was totally screwing about my job today but after that, I kinda realised that things could be much worse for me.

and... one of my new members won on wednesdays lotto!! not the big 'un but a small 'un. and it all counts.

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August 25, 2004, 7:48 amroad rage and a dead low rider

ARRRGHHH! some little white boy racer deliberately rammed my motorbike at full speed!
(boy racers are young kids speeding around in their mums cars coz they can't afford more than a pedal bike)

In the typical british summer (showers of rain every half hour) I was driving down a one way street near my workplace and I saw a sooped up citroen saxo car (you guys would call it a budget sized car) approaching me at high speed the wrong way so I had to stop, looked left, looked right, no fit for the both of us and no place for me to move. I stayed stopped and prayed, the guy at the wheel thought it might be fun to do an emergency stop inches from the front of my bike and then he started swearing at me pointing his finger in the air to show me that it was a one way street (prat) so I pointed to all the parked cars that were facing the same way as me, I think he lost it coz he got embarrassed in front of his girly passenger so he revved up, wheel spinned and went up on the pavement (U.S. - Sidewalk) went past me, stopped about 10 meters behind me and went into reverse gear and revved, and came at me at full speed..... smashed the hell out of me and my bike. w**ker. he then sped off continuing up the wrong way up the street.

a lady with a pram nearly got knocked over by him coz she only looked the way you would expect traffic to come on a one way road. what an idiot he was, I called the police and several eye-witnesses got his reg number so I told em and now I gotta wait to see what happens.....damn and blast.

and to top it all, when I went to the supermarket last night to buy cat food, on the way back, I saw the same car going down my street!, oh how I wanted to throw a heavy can of Kit-e-kat at his window! but in England, if you do that to a criminal - YOU end up in court being sued. Had to chase it a bit to see which way it was going while I dialled 999 (911 in U.S) and told the operator my crime reference number and which way the car was going. Oh, I hope they catch him.

blue Citreon Saxo with white lettering on the sides, if you see him, curse him and his entrails!!

But.. on a lighter note, my cat is the bizness! really loud for a kitten though, and clever already.
LOL, I bought him a little play house and he hasn't gone near it, instead, he prefers to play in the cardboard box that it came in! cats?!

Got 4 more members since my last post, YIPPEE with a certain amount of WOOHOO. Best thing is, I haven't done ANY advertising this week and I still got the signups. The wonder of follow up calls hehe. only need 2 more and I get another free bonus entry into both Lotto draws which can only be a good thing.

Got to work today and my transmitter for my indoor helicopter arrived from hong kong, only 4 days after I ordered it, so all is not bad.

thoughts for the day -

things always get better if you let 'em

Lesson for the day -

in the crime ridden streets of any area, there are still people that will stop and help a stranger pick up his bike and get his nerves back. thanks to all those that asked after my welfare after the accident, gee I felt like crying (but couldn't coz I had a big bike and lots of leathers!)

good luck on tonights 9 million quid rollover (17 million US dollars !!!!)

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August 22, 2004, 4:38 pmgettin a cat so there

Today I decided to buy a cat, and being a weirdo , I bought a Siamese lilac point, its truly gorgeous!.

I had to rearrange my entire front room which took ages!, all my miles of cable going to and from the computer and glass desks etc, but I had wanted to do it for ages and now that my cat will arrive tomorrow, I needed to put the cables in some sort of order so cat (no name yet) wont chew through my 240v cables , fried cat? no thanks, it's costing me 250 quid!! (current rates, 480 dollars!)

still no luck on my ebay account and just like last weekend, no signups.

Its all good, got 2 to sign for definate this week, one for the website and one for the home tutor

Last Edited: August 22, 2004, 4:41 pm

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August 21, 2004, 11:47 ammy team grows

woohoo, my team is up to 14 people!

13 uk entries with 6 going for euro too, thats worth 76 quid a month commission. not bad for 2 weeks surfing the internet.

but... ebay cancelled my listing again, got 2 signups (yey!) also got suspended for 30 days (booo). at least I get a refund for the money and I still keep the members . sorted. kushti, kosha, pucka, sweet, nice one guv.

I did some face2face marketing today and managed to wangle a deal with an internet cafe to display my banner on their computers, so hopefully some lucky person will pick 5 numbers and win themselves a thousand pounds, which means I get one too!

at least with ebay suspending my account, I'll have time to finish my clients website (www.jemscarwash.co.uk) first page is done but it needs a little tweaking.

also, found out that I have got 2 .com's going, teamplaylotto.com and playteamlotto.com yum yum

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August 20, 2004, 7:04 pmI matched 1 number on the euro lotto today!

Today I got my first win with my syndicate, I matched 1 number and because I get 2 guaranteed lucky star numbers it means I won!

Har!, my syndicate won £9.30 (about 17 US Dollars)

I am super chuffed (it means proud) seeing as I didn't have to pay for my ticket , thanks team! and this is only my second entry on the Euro!

Might go and add a bit to my site @ www.teamplaylotto.com

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